Syzygy-class Corvette Canon

Authors: Pharthan
TypeCorvette (CR)
Operational Data
  • 1052 Federal Navy
  • 250 Expeditionary Corps
  • 365 Commonwealth Guard
  • 82 Halcyon Arms

37970 Tons

Compliment114 (14 Officers, 54 Enlisted, 48 Marines)
Propulsion Train

x4 Halcyon-Asimov CR-3L1 Ion Engines

x1 CR3HA-MAG Drive

FTL Cruise Speed: 0.76LY/Hr
FTL Max Speed: 1.32 LY/Hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.22c
Boost Max Speed: 0.43c
Sublight Combat Speed: 319,000 Km/Hr
Sublight Max Speed: 637,000 Km/Hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 29.9G
Sensors and Processing Systems

Janus Mk4CR Artificial Intelligence Amaterasu Command, Control, Communications Suite

Electronics Warfare and Decoys
  • x6 Halcyon Industries "Nightlight" Decoys
  • x85 Halcyon Industries "Firefly" Close-in Decoys
  • Amaterasu Type 06-CR Electronic Warfare Suite
    • Marisha-Ten Type 02-FF Suite
Support Craft

2 Mk3 Remora Conformal Shuttlecraft


The Syzygy-class, newest of corvettes in service to the Threshold‘s armed forces, is a considerably hefty ship for its size, and slower than some in service, but with its stout stature and large engines it is yet quite maneuverable and suited for combat. Often employed in pirate-infested regions, it is normally the most powerful ship in the region, occasionally fighting off multiple pirate skiffs at time.

While its guns are relatively light for a vessel its size, it finds some of its greatest power in its ample Electronics Warfare and Sensory suite, making it an excellent scout and giving it an information-edge over its typical quarry.

FIGURE 1 – Standard Syzygy-class Corvette – Full View


The Syzygy was largely built to house the electronic warfare system found on the larger Lucid-class Frigate. The intended purpose was to make a ship similar to the successful Destiny-class Cutter, combining both the frigate’s electronic warfare capabilities and the cutter’s dogfighting-skill. The result of these was the Syzygy, giving the ship its name, meaning “three celestial bodies in alignment.”

The corvette is not considered to be suitable for full-scale war, as it would be easily cut down by enemy cruisers and larger vessels, though it does carry a considerable enough missile armament to be useful in a smaller combat situation.