The Kategion Corridor

Authors: Josh
LocationHelligus Reaches


The Kategion Corridor is the settled space between the two lesser Ionian powers of the Thyrassian Coalition and the Baqqiri Alliance. This region of space is home to some of the youngest colonies in the Ionian League and remains largely uncharted. The Kategion Corridor has been labelled the “Lawless Frontier” of the Ionian League. Sparsely policed by the Helligus Sector Fleet, piracy, smuggling and slave trading is rampant in this region of space. The dejur capital of the Kategion Corridor is the desert world of Kategion itself, home also to the Kategion Republic and the Ordinance/Regional Depot Acanos

The Kategion Corridor has been a violent and inhospitable place since well before the Ionian League opened the Kategion Gate. For centuries the two powers of the Thyrassian Coalition and the Baqqiri Alliance would war with each other over territorial holdings within the corridor, as well as with other rogue elements such as pirates and renegade mercenaries.


The Kategion Corridor first saw settlement in the early 3100’s after settlers form the Thyrassian Coalition and Baqqiri Alliance moved further into the region in search of resources and new worlds to colonize. This boom in expansion lead to years of conflict between the two extra-solar nation states. Numerous wars and conflict were fought throughout the Kategion Corridor. All attempts at colonizing the region were abandoned by both the Thyrassian Coalition and Baqqiri Alliance by the early 3300’s, leaving the region to pirates, scavengers and free lance colonial expeditions.

Though the two Helligese powers were continuously at odds with each other, trade between them did occur which saw the mapping of a number of trade routes snaking through the Kategion Corridor. The most prominent of these FTL trade routes was the Trans-Helligese Passage which passed through the star systems of Ankicos, Aspyn, Antesmos, Xylon and ended in the Askina System. 

The Kategion Corridor would remain a lawless borderlands between the two powers until the arrival of the Ionian League in 3358. The sudden arrival of the Ionian League in the Antesmos tipped the balance of power in the region. The Corridor would become a battleground once more when the Ionian – Thyrassian War kicked off after several unprovoked attacks against Ionian colonial efforts in the region.



Worlds inside the Kategion Corridor

  • Kategion
  • Niris
  • Cuthos
  • Nephele
  • Boethus
  • Segora
  • Ithessa
  • Kharope
  • Pythos
  • Aethra
  • Aristeas