War of the First Dominion

Authors: Pharthan

The invasion of Shin-Kansai by the Andras-Dominion

Andras-Dominion, Shin-Kansai

Andras Dominion surrender to Shin-Kansai, Threshold Forces

Defender Leadership
  • General Rouku Yuu (Shin-Kansai)
  • Admiral Kiko Hashito (Shin-Kansai)
  • General Hannas Avner (Threshold)
  • Admiral Miran Maksimilli (Threshold)
Attacker Leadership
  • General Lucus Arnue
  • Admiral Pristine Arrant
Defender Strength


  • 382 Million Active Duty
  • 2.1 Billion Militia
  • 201,000 Mercenaries
  • 2,400 Warships
    • 402 Ships of the Line & Capital Ships
    • 1998 Corvettes, Cutters, and Orbital Patrol Vessels


  • 901 Million Active Duty
  • 10,400 Warships
    • 991 Ships of the Line & Capital Ships
    • 9,409 Corvettes, Cutters, and Orbital Patrol Vessels


Attacker Strength

Andras Dominion

  • 614 Million Active Duty
  • 500,200 Mercenaries
  • 4,620 Warships
    • 640 Ships of the Line & Capital Ships
    • 3,980 Corvettes, Cutters, and Orbital Patrol Vessels
Defender Casualties


  • 202 Million Active Duty
  • 504 Million Militia
  • 25,900 Mercenaries
  • Civilian:
    • ~1.5 Billion Killed
    • ~9 Billion Captured
      • 4 Billion Displaced


  • 38 Million Active Duty
Attacker Casualties
  • 301 Million Active Duty
  • 230,000 Mercenaries
  • 801,200 Civilians


The Andras-Kansai War, also known as the War of the First Dominion was a 34 year war beginning in 2903 with the invasion of the Imperial Republic of Shin-Kansai by the Republic of the Andras Dominion, and ending in 2927 with the surrender of the Andras Dominion to Kansai and Thresholder forces. It encompassed four spheres of influence, two of each from Shin-Kansai and the Andras Dominion. While chiefly fought by only the two principle nations, additional nations provided supplies to each nation, and ultimately the Meritocracy of Threshold joined the fighting.

This was the largest and bloodiest war in human history at this point, resulting in two planets becoming uninhabitable and the deaths of billions of people. Most of those killed were Shin-Kansai civilians, with millions being summarily executed as being of “bad blood.” Many of those who were captured became genetically modified to be bred to produce future Andrans, and of those born from the travesty, some went on to fight their ancestors in the war on the Andran side.


The Andras Dominion realized their large-scale genetic modification would have disastrous results if left to go on, and required additional humans to help vary the genetic code to maintain fertility of the people. In a bold move, a large portion of the population was made into physical supersoldiers at a young age, and the nation began gearing up for war under the guise that these individuals were a part of a new public-works and self-betterment training program, with Andran isolationism making it difficult to investigate further. Ships were designed and built with new engines with the same outward appearance as freighter engines with the rest of the ships being built in secret.

Meanwhile, a large propaganda campaign began to attempt to convince as many individuals from outside of the Andras Dominion to move to the Dominion to become “better than human” in order to “advance humanity.” The campaign was largely ineffective, but did preface that the Andrans beleived that the Shin-Kansai had wrongfully taken planets that desired freedom after the Astrum Diaspora’s Deep Seed colonizations.


In 2903, the Andran invasion began with a coordinated assault on four different planets, two megastations, and numerous known Shin-Kansai defensive installations. Most of these invasions were successful in establishing a beachead, with one of the megastations being destroyed.

In a rapid blitz assault, Andras took multiple planets by force before Kansai forces could retaliate. Within two years, Kansai had lost eight planets to Andran forces, and these people were enslaved and genetically modified for breeding stock. In the coming 24 years of war, two planets, Murdalla and Adenai were focus points of the war, with soldiers born from Shin-Kansai mothers sent to fight against their motherland. 

Shin-Kansai, though late to the wartime economy, began to fight for their survival in earnest. Previously not a warlike people, the Kansai took several years before they were able to stop the advance fo the Andran forces, but not before they’d established a firm hold and entrapped billions of people.

In 2913, the Meritocracy of Threshold was promised by the previously war-torn People’s Compact that the Compact, still known as the Coalition, would not oppose their entry to the war. The Threshold joined with aging equipment formerly of the Intersystem Alliance, and began to turn the tide of Andran conquest. Two key trade planets, Adenai and Murdalla were ravaged during the worst of the fighting, often subject to careless kinetic rounds being loosed into the planet.

By 2917, Shin-Kansai and Threshold forces liberated the last of the planets under Andran control and began to push into the territory of the still-fighting Dominion. In a planet-hopping strategy, Threshold and Kansai forces ignored lesser planets with little more than plantary defenses and focused primarily on the military centers of power and deep-space strikes, circumventing typical strategy of total-conquest. Some of the fieriest fighting came after a bold, costly assault of 2925 came through the Laterus Termini by ships moving at relativistic speeds, which had rarely been attempted prior due to necessary accurate in targeting the termini entrance gate. These ships managed to destroy Termini defenses and allowed for an invasion of Laterus directly, which was not prepared for the assault.


After two years of fighting on Laterus and repelling counter-invasions, Threshold Tsalmaveth managed to destroy shield-generators protecting the capital city, allowing for orbital forces to invade directly, with the surrounding siege-forces securing wide swaths of the city, though fighting would continue for several months, as Andran officials believed they would be rescued by forces from off-planet.

By 2927, the Andran government was forced to surrender to Threshold and Kansai forces – at gunpoint. Rumor has it that when formal terms of surrender documents were signed later, Threshold General Hannas Avner had to hold a knife to the back of the then Andras Dominion Director Rui Hanzar to speed along the process.