What is a Star Nation?

Authors: Pharthan


A star nation is a political grouping of peoples, usually with one planet or a collection of planets, unified under a distinct political geography, occupying specific territories, often characterized by the presence of at least one  Termini World sitting at the center of a sphere of influence, with a number of planets and star systems within it’s sovereignty.. It is considered to be a sovereign state, though not all star nations are truly self-governing.


Galactic Termini are at the heart of the star nation, linking large swaths of space either internally within the nations or to other nations, allowing for rapid transit and trade between bountiful planetary systems. A political organization that possesses such an asset often, as a result, possesses enough power to consider themselves a full-fledged star nation. Most nations find it necessary to make these termini extremely well defended, particularly those that link to other nations.




Nations that have grown to massive size are known as superpowers. These nations play large roles within the galaxy. Political leaders presently do not consider a nation to be a “superpower” until it has reached 10 spheres of influence, as with present expansion of humanity it takes a nation of such size to truly be concerned with even the furthest of nations.  Few nations ever achieve this status, either due to political instability or the pressing influence of other superpowers and microsuperpowers. The leaders of superpowers are some of the most powerful people in existence, for their decisions can make or break humanity itself.

Example Nations:



A microsuperpower is a nation that is coming into itself on a galactic stage; they hold great sway with nations such as superpowers, and often consider themselves to be dominant over multiple regions of space and influence small cadres of other nations, be it economically, militarily, or culturally. A microsuperpower is a force to be reckoned with, such that even superpowers can be held at bay from trying to press themselves into the territory of a microsuperpower.

Example Nations:





These nations possess a termini world, granting them access to the galactic stage, but they are not yet big enough to contend with superpowers – at least, without making alliances. Many standard nations have enough power and resources to begin fielding a sizeable navy, but most struggle to reach the status of being able to build and service large ships such as dreadnoughts without hurting the rest of their military budget.

While not imposing on their own, many superpowers have found themselves forced into economic straits by collections of these smaller nations, all acting with a common interest, such as with the League of the Periphery rising to counter the Empyrean See and Isharan Eisharat.

Example Nations:



Micronations are a planet or collection of planets that do not possess a termini world, and thus struggle to grow very large at all. The largest only hold a few star systems, and are often squeezed between spheres of influence of other, larger nations. Micronations usually rely upon major nations for trade of major items and new technology. A common misconception is that micronations are not self-sufficient; most planets themselves are self-sufficient and, with ease of space travel, few lack resources.  Micronations often find themselves bastions for all sorts of people from the extremely wealthy looking for a vacation with “different” tax codes, to individuals who are wanted in a major star nation or ICLES.