Alltaari Democratic Confederacy

Authors: Timothy Bucklin
CapitalAlltaari, Alltivaan
Other Notable Worlds




Toliver Prime

Government TypeRepresentative Confederacy
Government Composition
  • Legislative Branch
    • Conference of Wealth
    • Conference of Society
  • Executive Branch
    • Chapel of Governors
    • Central Ministries (Exterior, Interior, Intelligence, Treasury)
  • Judiciary Branch
    • House of Independents
Head of GovernmentExecutive Governor Leonard Sable

Termini World: Solzhenistien

Number of Habitable Worlds: 15

Number of Major Stations: ?

Official Languages

Standard English

Population28 billion
CurrencyFederations (Confederation Credits)

The Alltaari Democratic Confederacy (known as the ADC or simply the Alltaari) is a fairly loose confederation of very unique states, corporations, and private security groups assembled in the interest of maintaining stability and cooperative economic growth within the Fenris Crux region. Harboring one of the most politically diverse populations in the galaxy the ADC controls little outside of economic and military policy leaving domestic issues to the governors of each sovereign entity.


The Alltaari is composed of many interdependent system-states with three acting as the major powers in the Confederacy. Politically the most powerful is Alltivaan which houses the capital city, Alltaari. The city is home to the monstrous mainframe that acts as the core of the Alltaari government, the Archangel GEMI (Governing Economic and Military Intelligence). The AGEMI is only one of many powerful supercomputers housed on Alltivaan notable ones are the renowned Simulated Reality and Combat Sporting servers. All these are run by General Intelligence which is headquartered on Alltivaan and still dominates it’s economy. It should not come as a surprise that Alltivaan hosts one of the largest AI populations in the galaxy and that their presence is felt in its government. The law is particularly restrictive and privacy is next to nonexistent when state security is concerned. However, few have problem with it thanks to the political and economic stability of Alltivaan.  The second key state is Solzhenistein, the most populous in the Confederacy which itself is divided into four provinces. A great deal of the sector’s industry is here so while Alltivaan may be the R&D core of the sector Solzhenistein is most certainly its manufacturing base. Having a past fraught with conflict the Solzheni people are wary of military powers and their trust in the Alltaari government has yet to solidify. The final key state is Neoprussia whose economy is almost entirely based on heavy industry and resource extraction. Once a dominant military power, their war with the Ibri drastically diminished their fleet and they eventually had to submit to the Alltaari government.   



The dominating feature of the Alltaari is the Fenris Teeth Nebula that surrounds most of the sector, forcing most traffic to go through the galactic north of the region. But, it is not the jaws that define the region, but what lies between them: the black hole Hades. The vast amount of planets and asteroids that orbit it are rich with resources and are the true prize of the sector. Directly to it’s galactic west is the Hephaestus system, home of the Neoprussian capital world Langweilig. Both the Hades and Hephaestus systems lie in what is know as the Red Zone, where the high density of free floating objects (some the size of planets) make colonization a risky and expensive endeavor. To the north, about mid-way up the teeth, is the Yellow Zone where the density of celestial objects is lighter, however any colonization bears the risk of meteor impact. At the center of the Yellow Zone is the Dionysus system which is home to Kalibri. Slightly above Dionysus is the binary star system of Erebos and Aeolus host to Alltivaan, a habitable moon of the gas giant Acheron, which is where the Alltaari capital is located. Even further north is Solzhenistein, one of the few green planets in the Alltaari, which orbits the star Chiron. Solzhenistein lies outside of the Yellow Zone in relatively clean space known as the Green Zone. This zone is home to other systems, many of which are not incorporated into the Confederacy.  



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The government of the ADC, much like most others, is divided into Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.

The Legislative Branch is formed out of two houses that together create law and policy that effects either the economy or security. They also have power of approval over major military and diplomatic actions taken by the Executive Branch. Social policy is mostly left to the System States to decide for themselves. The first house is the Conference of Society, meant to represent society as a whole with each and every citizen within the ADC getting a vote. Most citizens don’t have the time or interest to responsibly vote on every single policy, issue, or law so they turn to Representative Agents to vote in their stead. RAs, or Mirrors as they are commonly called, are virtual intelligences trusted to vote in a specific individuals interest. They are fully capable of negotiating to a compromise and generally form into blocks with other RAs that have similar interests. To their patron they are totally transparent with every vote and any discussion being available to be viewed. Initially the RA will observe voting patterns of their patron and attempt to predict them. Once it has become sufficiently accurate it will vote independently but in order to maintain accuracy a sample of decisions will be presented to the patron on a regular basis to assure they are in agreement. At any time the patron is allowed to supersede the RA and vote for themselves which people frequently do when negotiating hotly debated policy. The second house if the Conference of Wealth. Much like the CoS each individual gets a vote however in the CoW each votes is weighed based on their networth. The intent of this is to give a fair representation to the economic interests of corporations and businesses. Just as in the CoS RAs handle most of the voting and form into blocks often grouping with other shareholders and into similar industries.    

The Executive Branch is completely under the control of the Archangel Governing Economic and Military Intelligence. Commonly referred to as simply Archangel the AGEMI is a combination of several AI systems that control the Central Departments. Four primary departments exist; the Department of the Exterior which handles everything pertaining to foreign governments including diplomatic relations and military affairs, the Department of the Interior which manages everything within the Confederacy including commerce, education, and law enforcement, the Department of the Treasury which administers taxes and controls currency, and the Department of National Intelligence which handles strategic and domestic intelligence gathering operations. Each of the departments is chaired by an AI who all report to the Keeper who acts as Prime Executive. 

The Chapel of Governors serves as a backup in the event AGEMI has issues. Each System State has it’s own Governor and they have the power to supersede the AGEMI in the event that he no longer acts in their interest.

The Judiciary Branch is made up of the Court of Independents. The highest of these is the Court of Defined Independents which is made up of 30 members who are selected by AGEMI and confirmed by the legislative houses. 5 of them are randomly selected and assigned to each case but in the event that a vote isn’t 4v1 or better then it goes to a larger assembly. 


The Combined Confederate Military is the conventional combat arm of the ADC but it is not the only military force under it’s control. There are in fact three distinct formations including the CCM that each fall under the Department of the Exterior. The Office of Adaptive Coercion manages the multiple PMCs that fall under it’s wing, some of these include Omnispectrum Solutions, and Havoc Defense. The third formation are the Alltaari Expeditionary Forces which are shared between the CCM and the OAC depending which authority needs it more. Many fail to realize that the OAC isn’t a private company but that it feeds the AEF thereby supporting the CCM by financing their formations. The AEF makes up nearly half of the Alltaari standing army, the other half is reservists pulled from combat sporting and other PMCs. Conscription is also allowed.