Bertaeyn Federation Pending Review

Authors: Guillaume
Bertaeyn Federation
CapitalAstria, Ker Ys
Other Notable Worlds
  • Krac'h
  • Resnn
  • An Oriant
  • Brandérion
  • Elorn
Government TypeFederal Parlementiary Republic
Government Composition

Executive branch

  • President of the Bertaeyn federation
  • Sector Governors

Legislative Branch

  • National Council
  • Federal parliament

Judicial Branch

  • Federal Supreme Court
  • Regional Courts
Head of GovernmentPresident of the Bertaeyn Federation Marco Kumar
  • Number of Termini Worlds: 4
  • Number of Habitable Worlds: 87
  • Number of Major Stations: 24


Official Languages
FoundedMay 3rd, 2517
CurrencyBertaeyn Credit

The Bertaeyn Federation is a federal parliamentary republic. It is surrounded by the Intersystem Alliance to its north, the Veridian Stratocracy at east, by the western reach to the south, and by the Akrian Hegemony to the west.

The Federation is considered one of the most powerful and developed industrialized nation mainly because it has one of the strongest economies of all known Nations. This is due to its decentralized organization and, most importantly, to the fact that it benefits from a very large trade surplus. The standard of living of its population is henceforth particularly high.

Founded over 1.000 years ago, the Federation stood for centuries as a major power with strong cultural, economic, military and political influence. However, it slowly dwindled over the years before finally beginning to regain its status amongst the galactic regional powers few decade ago.






















Main Title – Military of the Bertaeyn Federation

The Bertaeyn Federation Defense Force ( BFDF ) , is the military arm of Bertaeyn Federation and is charged with defense of it’s systems  and the protection of it’s National interests both near abroad. It consist of four main components (Army, Navy, Marine corps and Gendarmerie ). While a relatively small force, the BFDF is well equipped and well trained and can rely upon a formidable logistical base and powerful industry. The main task of BFDF is to train , organize and deploy military assets of the Federation both near and abroad , while maintaining the long-term ability to defend the entire federation in case of conflict.


Thriving and having excellent civilian infrastructure, the Federation has a very high standard of living (HDI). It ranks among the most developed nations in the Galaxy.


The Bertaeyn Federation has about 624 billion inhabitants with an annual population growth that is currently estimated at 1.5%. The growth is mainly made up of positive net migration followed by a slight increase of birth rate in certain sectors. Multiculturalist, the Federation has a voluntary immigration program which has been started in order to raise the current low birth rate. The Federation has also put in place a natalist policy based on a system of highly developed nurseries, parental leave, financial aid and support. The density of settlements, colonies and other manned facilities is higher in the sectors of Arhès and Temasek. The sectors of Anshan and Thule are characterized by higher population growth. To note, a relatively high number of Bertaeyns citizens live abroad.


The ethnic diversity of the Bertaeyn population is among the highest compared to other nations and considered by its government as a benefit for the Federation. The inhabitants of the Federation are 42.3% of Asian ethnic origin (mainly Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese …); The Caucasians make up 29.8%, the Iranians 15.2% and the rest are from various ethnic groups including Africans (12.7%). The Federation maintains this high ethnic diversity thanks to a voluntary immigration policy. Nearly 1.4% of the population is of foreign origin.


The constitution of the Bertaeyn Federation recognizes 23 official languages, including Mandarin, Indian, Persian, Tamil … However, French is considered as the de facto national language used in the Bertaeyn Federation. Many of its citizens are also fluent in English, this language being considered important for use in trade, administration, the defense forces and the police.


Secular since its creation, the Federation has no state religion. Its Constitution guarantees freedom of religion as well as the separation of church and state. Therefore the state does not recognize, pay or subsidize any religious organisation or ideology. According to the last census, nearly 34.3% of the population declared themselves agnostic, atheist or without religion, 21.1% were Buddhists, 14.5% Hindus, 13.8% Christian, 9% Muslim and 1.2% Judaism.


The Bertaeyn education system is fully decentralized. Education is considered one of the fundamental rights of all citizens (residents and non residents) of the Bertaeyn Federation. Accordingly, it is free of charge. The educational system must give the same opportunities to everyone, no matter their social, political or financial backgrounds. It is also distinguished by a holistic conception of education. Beyond the simple transmission of knowledge and skills, the school promotes responsibility, self-discipline, showing initiative, hygiene (students clean their classes) and loyalty … Wearing a uniform is compulsory. Being a teacher in the Federation is being considered to be one of high standing and as such they are respected highly by society. Most teachers have a minimal educational level  of being doctors, managers and lawyers in their respective fields. Education facilitates are considered very rigorous and use selective recruitment for its teaching staff (All teachers need to have a minimum level of higher education). With a focus on guiding students, students with learning disabilities can benefit from the help of specialized teachers. Teachers either guide them during a class or work with them separately. The education system is divide into three levels :

Each child must grow and develop according to its personal skills and at his or her own pace. At the end of elementary school, children must be able to live in a community and be of benefit of this community. In basic education there is also integrated the pedagogical orientation of the pupil and, if necessary, additional supportive teaching is provided.

The orientation after the elementary school leads to two paths: a professional or a general path. At the end of the professional path, students can start working directly into the workforce. Those who have chosen the general path are called upon to join a higher education. However, there are links between these two channels.

The Federation has several highly respected and renown universities. Higher education comprises two types of institutions: universities and polytechnic institutes. While universities are essentially preparing its students for research and providing more theoretical instruction; The polytechnic institutes, on the contrary, emphasize practical teaching and put more emphasis on practical applications. Successful admissions are compulsory to enter. Nearly 10% of Bertaeyn higher education students are foreign.

The dual education system of Professional development is seen as one of the main vectors of the competitiveness of the Bertaeyn economy. Beyond basic initial training, continuing Professional development is also strongly encouraged by some companies..


Well financed in terms of GDP, the Bertaeyn health system provides universal coverage of health care for all its citizens of the Federation, regardless of wealth, age or social status. Considered effective, the health system consists of a fully integrated network of public and private services. Health spending is for 70% covered by the government. These are financed in part by compulsory health contributions levied on all wages and paid by employers, employees and the self-employed. Mutual coverage may be taken out.
At the forefront of gene therapy, the Federation is however suspicious about transhumanism and its excesses.


Serving in the defense forces or in a civil security unit is a mark of prestige both on a social as on a professional level in society. It is even a sine qua non condition to achieve some functions or positions in private enterprises or in public service.


The culture of the Bertaeyn Federation is an Occidental culture mixed with several other cultures from different ethnic groups: Chinese, Indians, Iranians … Multi-culturalist, the Federation encourages each ethnic group to maintain its traditions, while embracing a modern and conformist way of life. The influence of Western culture, however, remained strong. The main worlds of the Bertaeyn Federation are today very cosmopolitan. The Bertaeyn culture remains strongly influenced by the popular culture of the ISA because of the proximity and importance of trade.
Egalitarian, the Federation ranks very well from the point of view of economic freedom, civil liberties and political rights.


Extremely varied, the Bertaeyn cuisine is characterized by the variety and quality of the products used (wines, cheeses …). It consists essentially of regional specialties. The “Bertaeyn gastronomy”, however, is essentially based on the Mediterranean diet, which is characterized by the consumption in abundance of fresh produce; Fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, aromatic herbs and olive oil, moderate consumption of dairy, eggs and wine, limited consumption of fish and low consumption of meat. This being the cheese and delicatessen are also very much appreciated.


As with other aspects of Bertaeyn culture Architecture Bertaeyn borrowed from many sources: European, Chinese, Arabic and Indian, while developing its own genius. Very diversified, it reflects the multiculturalism of Bertaeyn. The public buildings of the Federation are strongly influenced by the neo-classical style and more particularly by Palladianism and the Greek Revival. Often referred to as pedestrian cities or Garden cities, the Bertaeyn towns are distinguished by a very high concentration of green spaces.


Sport is a popular and widespread activity encouraged at an early age. Approximately half of the Federation’s population participates in sports activities while nearly 20% of the population are members of a sports club. Throughout the Federation, there is a wide variety of sports such as running, swimming, cycling, golf, tennis, fighting sports … Water sports and more generally outdoor sports are particularly appreciated. By tradition, Rugby is the Federation’s most popular team sport. The educational system and, in particular, universities play an important role in the promotion of sport through numerous competitions.


Main Title – Economy of the Bertaeyn Federation

The Bertaeyn Federation is among the wealthiest and most developed economies of the Galaxy. It is mainly based on services yet industry still represents a very significant share of its GDP. The Federations economic power relies mainly on the strength of its exports, therefore it has an important trade balance (both goods and services) surplus. The economic organization of the Federation presents some specific features.

  • Highly skilled labor force (based on an excellent education system and the promotion of professional degrees).
  • Strong cooperation between the State and private companies.
  • Close linking of manufacturers with distributors and subcontractors within organized conglomerates.
  • Employers and syndicates operate in co-management (joint management).
  • The import of raw materials and technology are favored at the expense of consumer goods.
  • Production is orientated towards external markets.
  • Mastering of advanced technologies due to heavy investment in research and development.
The Bertaeyn Federation as a reputation for the good quality of their products in general which participates to the success of its economy. The Bertaeyn companies rely indeed very few on the low prices of their products for export, but much more about their high quality or specificity.  Therefore their products are bought not because they are cheap but because they are particularly efficient or because their clients need a product that only the Federation can make. It goes without saying that the Federation produces mainly high value-added goods.


After the war against the Coalition of Independent Systems, the Federation accused a significant delay in some leading sectors compared to other nations.

This was partly filled by resorting to technology transfers and reverse engineering. The high level of education, the business environment, the quality of infrastructure as well as the tax and legal environment established during the “shock reforms” have subsequently played in favor of developing  advanced technologies.

The Federation is now amongst the most advanced Nations of the Galaxy as it spends nearly 4.8% of its GDP on R&D. Research funding mainly comes from the private sector, however, the public sector is also quite active in the field of fundamental research. Scientific contributions of the Federation are significant in the fields of electronics, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and space engineering.