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Migrant Fleets of Sharaad
CapitalThe Great Ark of Sharaad
Other Notable Worlds
  • The Tanis
  • The Lahun
  • The Ahkanim
  • The Akorin
  • The Qedar
Government TypeAbsolute Monarchy
Government Composition

The Hall of the Rahaab

  • Rahaab/Rahaabija
  • K'han/K'hanija

Forum of the Tajiir K'han

  • Assembly of the Tajiir K'han
  • Shuyukh Councils

Court of Bisharat Law

  • High Court of Sharaad
  • Fleet Councils
Head of GovernmentRahaab Adaan Ghanem
  • Great Arks: 1
  • Arks: 6


Official Languages
Founded26th Century
CurrencyTrade Goods

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The Migrant Fleets of Sharaad, known formally as the Rahaabate of Busaan, is an absolute monarchy supported by several large vassal clan-states, allied under the banner of the Sharaadi Rahaabate, who have historically inhabited regions in the Eastward Rim. Sharaadi territory stretches from the vast uncharted space of the Glimmering Hinterlands to the wild frontiers of the Westward Fringe. They are traditionally divided into clans (known in Busaanese as asheyrat ), and share a common culture of Maritime trade and exploration. The vast majority of Sharaadi adhere to Aittijah.

At the Rahaabate’s head is the Rahaabiid of Asheyrat Ghanem, who have ruled from the Bronze Throne for over a century. With the guiding hand of the Ghanemi Rahaabate the several hundred-thousand migrant fleets and millions of clans under their charge have established a wide-reaching economic empire that spans the breadth of civilized space and beyond.

The migrant fleets of the Sharaadi have a long and bloody history, from the exiled followers of the Baqqiri to the astral nomads of the modern day Sharaadi. The Migrant Fleets themselves have existed and operated throughout the known galaxy for over eight hundred years since the unification under Nu’maan the Red, the first Rahaab. Since then their history has been pitted with numerous internal conflicts, ideological feuds and political turmoil. Yet peace has reigned since the rise of the Ghanem Rahaabate in 3282.


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Scattered among hundreds if not thousands of fleets across the Known Galaxy, the Sharaadi occupy no territory in the traditional sense, negating traditional borders through their great migrations. They occupy stellar fleets of starships ranging in size and scope, roving the stars from one nation to the next to trade. At their heart is the great fleet, the largest of all known fleets; the Glittering Fleet of Sharaad. It is from the Glittering Fleet that the Rahaab rules over the greater Sharaadi houses and their vassals, from atop the Gilded Throne.

The greater houses of the Sharaadi are designated a migration zone within which they may roam, usually stretching hundreds if not thousands of light years in length and breadth. These migration zones have since the Kamara Reforms of the 32nd Century allowed the Sharaadi migrants to live in relative harmony.

The only physical territory the Sharaadi consider their own is the Glimmering Hinterlands, a vast expanse of dense and resource rich dust clouds and nebula that are said to glitter in the void. Within the miasma of astral debris sits Crypt of Busaan and its sacred Dancing Grounds. Around Buusan orbits the Tomb of Ashaan – the tomb world of the Sharaadi Tajiir K’haniid and Rahaabiid.

The Great Fleet of Sharaad

Main Article – The Great Fleet of Sharaad

The Great Fleet of Sharaad is the political, cultural and religious nuclei of the Sharaadi Rahaabate. The Great Fleet is the largest, oldest and most influential of the migrant fleets and acts as the seat of the Sharaadi Rahaabate. As of 3282 Asheyrat Ghanem has ruled from the Great Ark of Sharaad and its Glimmering Throne from its mighty citadel found at the very heart of the great ark, and from 3391 Adaan Ghanem has ruled as its Rahaab.. Many Sharaadi Rahaabiid have sat upon the Glimmering Throne and just as many have died there. The Great Fleet is steeped in much history as it is blood. However throughout most of Sharaadi history, it has remained centre of Sharaadi society one way or another, even during times such as the Fracture. The Great Fleet is comprised of thousands of vessels of varying origin and age. The Great Ark of Sharaad acts as a man-made harbour for over fourty thousand vessels of varying size, and billions call it home.

Whilst the history of the Great Ark of Sharaad stretch back further than the Great Fleet, the fleet itself came into being during the Suluush Rahaabate and the Sharaadi’s expeditions outside of the Glimmering Hinterlands in the early 29th century. After first contact was made with their long distant brothers of the Gaennid Empire, the Sharaadi began to slowly expand, adding ships to their number as they followed the Aittijah. By the collapse of the Suluush Rahaabate in 3009 the great fleet numbered over six hundred starships of varying sizes and types. The collapse of the Suluush Rahaabate and the War for Sharaad would lead to the period of interregnum that was the Fracture, from which the Asheyrat of Ahmad would establish themselves as Rahaab.

It would not be until the rise of K’han Liir Kamara that the Sharaadi would once again be a united people. Through his jihad he re-established the dominance of the Great Fleet and brought the distant fleets, both great and small, back under the influence of the Sharaad and the Glimmering Throne; yet the rule of the Third Dynasty would not last. In one night of bloodshed in 3279, Asheyrat Kamara and many of the resident Asheyrat of the Great Fleet were butchered by its hordes of Nasrallah slaves in what is known as the Night of Knives. Following the fall of the Great Fleet and the ascension of Aliim the Damned, to the Glimmering Throne, the Sharaadi Rahaabate teetered on the brink of utter collapse. In a 3280 the Sharaad and its warships opened fire on the defenseless migrant fleets of Solanti, Atallah and Caediir, scattering their corpses across the surface of Ashaan. In 3282 Asheyrat Ghanem ascended to the Glimmering Throne after the death of Aliim the Damned and the crushing defeat of the Nasrallah following his death.

The Glittering Fleets

Migrant Fleet Tanis

Main Article – Migrant Fleet Tanis

Ruled by Tajiir K’han Daamir IV Tanis, Migrant Fleet Tanis is the largest of the Glittering Fleets and the second largest Sharaadi migrant fleet in existence. Migrant Fleet Tanis dominates the regions of the Solward Colonies, establishing and maintaining a number of freeports within the Intersystem Alliance, Belvoir, Warcry and the westward fringe of the Gaennid Empire. 

Migrant Fleet Tanis can trace its history, like each of the Glittering Fleets, to the Fracture; the collapse of the Suluush Rahaabate in the mid-30th century. Already a dominant Asheyrat by the time of the Fracture, when the bloody fighting began the Asheyrat of Tanis evacuated the Ark of Sharaad taking with them many refugees and a large cadre of Mogadim warriors. 

From the height of the Ahmadi Interregnum to the Kamaran Jihad, Migrant Fleet Tanis competed with the Great Fleet for political and cultural dominance of the Sharaadi. During the length of the interregnum Migrant Fleet Tanis established themselves off of the already established and well guarded trade-routes of the Intersystem Alliance, building a lucrative and steady trade network throughout the Solward Colonies. By 3134 the migrant fleet of Tanis had tripled in size and scope, rivaling the Great Fleet in size and power and oft times competed to be the heart of Sharaadi society. 

During the Kamaran Jihad, Migrant Fleet Tanis resisted the rule of Liir Kamara, engaging in multiple battles across the eastern fringes of the Solward Colonies. Following the death of Daamir I at the Battle of Sayid, Migrant Fleet Tanis capitulated and bent the knee to Liir Kamara’s rule. Under the rule of the Kamara Rahaabate Migrant Fleet Tanis suffered. The enactment of the Kamaran Reforms and the establishments of the Fifes of Migration stifled the Tanisi monopoly over the Solward  trade-routes. 

Yet now, under the rule of the Ghanemi Rahaabate, the Tanisi have once again begun to grow and flourish.

Migrant Fleet Lahun

Main Article – Migrant Fleet Lahun

Migrant Fleet Lahun, ruled by the Boy Tajiir K’han Sirjan Lahun, is one of the smallest fleets of the Glittering Fleets.  The history of Migrant Fleet Lahun is one etched in blood and sorry. The Lahuni Migrant Fleet formed during the Fracturing, as the Suulesh Rahaabate came to an end.  Lahun, once one of the most powerful Uzariid under the Old Rahaabate suffered heavily during this turbulent time. Asheyrat Lahun was in line to succeed the Suulesh Rahaabate, however when the last Rahaab of Asheyrat Suulesh perished of mysterious circumstances, confusion reigned in his stead among the Tajiir K’haniid of the Great Fleet. Those Asheyrat that didn’t leave the Great Fleet began to engage in proxy conflicts throughout the Great Ark, the Lahun no more so than any other Asheyrat.

The Lahun were, during this time, one of the largest and most militaristic Asheyrat of the Sharaadi, and thus began the conflict on the upper hand. However, descent was quickly sown among the warriors of the Lahuni. They were betrayed by one of their own, who went on to slay the K’han of the Lahun, which resulted in a purge of the Lahuni’s ranks. The son of the former Tajiir K’han, Amahid Lahun, took only his most trusted and a small fleet of starships and abandoned his claim to the Glimmering Throne. Asheyrat Lahun would face turbulent periods during the years of the Ahmadi Interregnum up until the Kamaran Jihad.

Knowing that Asheyrat Lahun had a stronger claim to the Glimmering Throne than Asheyrat Kamara, Rahaab Liir Kamara sought to eliminate any opposition to his rule, and thus meant the destruction of Asheyrat Lahun. His fleet met the Lahuni Migrant Fleet in the Khepri Star System, on the edge of Alliance space. Liir Kamara’s fleet out gunned and out matched the Lahuni fleet seven to one. Knowing defeat to be inevitable, Tajiir K’han Ran Lahun’ka challenged Rahaab Liir Kamara’ka to single combat aboard the Lahun, the Ark ship of the Lahuni Migrant Fleet. The two met in one of the vessels numerous hanger bays. There they fought, for a day and a night, until Ran Lahun’ka lay in a pool of his own blood, and Liir Kamara’ka stood the victor.

Migrant Fleet Ahkanim

Main Article – Migrant Fleet Ahkanim

Migrant Fleet Ahkanim is one of the youngest of the Great Fleets, yet has become one of the most influential. Migrant Fleet Ahkanim came to rise during the height of the Ahmadi Interregnum, during the reign of Rahaab Ghassaan Ahmad. During the reign of Rahaab Ghassaan, many forms of art and literature within the Great Fleet were band on punishment of exile. Outraged, many of the greater followers of Bisharat lobbied for the ban to be removed, however their efforts were in vain and Rahaab Ghassaan had the heads of these “rebellious” Asheyriid executed. 

In anger, the greater Bisharat Asheyriid left the Great Fleet with what few ships they could obtain, and over the centuries became the central source of Sharaadi history and knowledge. They were one of the first fleets to rejoin the Great Fleet during Liir Kamara’s Jihad.

Migrant Fleet Akorin

Main Article – Migrant Fleet Akorin

Migrant Fleet Akorin is one of the most militaristic of the Migrant Fleets with an abundance of Mowadi Vashiid that rival that of the Great Fleet. Even the ruling vashiid, Vash Akorin was once a Mowadi vashiid, and still in modern day follows the traditions of a Mowadi vashiid.

Migrant Fleet Akorin came to rise during the Fracture, after many of the Mowadi vashiid of the Great Fleet disagreed with the reigning Rahaabate and thus took their leave, taking with them the majority of the Great Fleets warships. Migrant Fleet Akorin would then go on to act as mercenaries for many different nations during the 31st and 32nd century, fighting many battles and participating in many wars across the ‘verse. On several occasions they even did battle with other Migrant Fleets, for example their long time feud with Migrant Fleet Lahun led to a battle on the Ark of Lahun itself.

During the Kamara Unification, Migrant Fleet Akorin was one of the hardest fleets to assimilate back into the old Rahaabate, however after Liir Kamara’ka defeated Tajiir K’han Ran Lahun’ka in single combat, the Rahaabs show of martial prowess, and the death of the Akorini’s long time rival brought the Akorini back into the fold of the united Rahaabate.

Migrant Fleet Qedar

Main Article – Migrant Fleet Qedar

Migrant Fleet Qedar is the youngest of the Glittering Fleets, forming in the latter half of the 33rd Century. Made up of survivors of the Massacre of the Dancing Grounds, the Qedari are an amalgamation of the Migrant Fleets Solanti, Atallah and Cardiir. They have become a blend of the cultures held sacred by the three lost fleets, from the Solanti’s love of the organic to the Caediirs love of shipbuilding. Migrant Fleet Qedar operates within the Eastward Rim, taking up the old territories of the Kaanemi. In recent years they have allied themselves with the Peripherian League, establishing one of the largest free-ports in the region – Kasaam, city of a Thousand Suns.

Migrant Fleet Buliir

Main Article – Migrant Fleet Buliir

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The Long March

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Rise of the Rahaabate

Main Article – Rise of the Rahaabate

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Golden Age of the Sharaadi

Main Article – Golden Age of the Sharaadi

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The Fracturing

Main Article – The Fracturing

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Ahmadi Interregnum

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Kamaran Jihad

Main Article – Kamaran Jihad

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The Great Schism

Main Article – The Great Schism

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Golden Age of Ghanem

Main Article – Golden Age of Ghanem

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Tensions in the Rim

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Main Article – Rahaabate of Sharaad

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Political Divisions

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Sharaadi Law and Household Enforcement

Main Article – Law in the Migrant Fleets and Sharaadi Law Enforcement

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Main Article – Taxation in the Migrant Fleets

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Foreign Relations

Main Aritlce – Foreign Relations of the Sharaadi

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Intersystem Alliance

Main Article – Intersystem Alliance

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Main Article – Threshold

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People’s Coalition

Main Article – People’s Coalition 

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Coronet, Council of the Three Crowns

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Empire of Gaennan

Main Article – Empire of Gaennan

League of the Periphery

Main Article – League of the Periphery

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Ionian League

Main Article – Ionian League

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Human Rights

Main Article – Human Rights of the Sharaadi

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Vashiid of the Mowad

Main Article – Vashiid of the Mowad

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Grand Navy of the Sharaadi

Main Article – Grand Navy of the Sharaadi

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Dire Alrrahab

Main Article – Dire Alrrahab

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Interstellar Trade

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Fabrication and Manufacturing

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Arms Manufacturing and Shipbuilding

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Helium-3 Industry

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Ethnic Groups

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Main Article – Languages in the Migrant Fleets and Busaanese

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Main Article – Sharaadi

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Rights and Ethics

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Coming of Age

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Notes on Customs

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