The Hydrian Imperial Realm Canon

Authors: Ronan
The Hydrian Imperial Realm
CapitalHydriad City, Hydriad
Other Notable Worlds

Venner, New Londonium, Imperica, New Eden, Hyperion, Hurdon, Dracon, Novaya Molotov, Prisilica, Glendathu, Mascran, Clentile, Gan, Basura

Government TypeConstitutional Monarchy
Government Composition

Executive- Emperor

Legislative- The Imperial Senate

two senators for each member world (76)

Judicial- Imperial Court of Proprietors 

17 Proprietor Court Judges

Head of GovernmentEmperor Rowan F. Hydranus

1) Number of Termini Worlds 2
2) Number of Habitable Worlds 38
3) Number of Major Stations 9

Official Languages





FoundedMarch 4th, 2911
CurrencyHydrian Imperial Unit

The Hydrian Empire or the Hydrian Imperial Realm as it is formally known, is a moderate sized star nation with thirty eight habitable worlds and claims to another hundred and twenty or so worlds and moons that can be made habitable. It borders the People’s Coalition with which it has rough relations, though it also shares tense relations with the Empire of Gaennan and the Threshold. It has grown close with the Intersystem Alliance and even went from a absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy just to please the Alliance. Their worlds are rich in minerals and ores that are rare in other parts of the galaxy which have helped the Empire to construct great cities and fleets to house and protect its population.

The Hydrian people are proud of their nation and are willing to defend it, no what matter the cost. Due to this though they have many times showed that they think themselves higher and above others. Racial tensions are also on the rise as immigrants move into their worlds. The Hydrians love to interact with new people but hate it when they decide to stay.


The Empire can trace its beginnings back to the 2600s when multiple colonization fleets traveled far out into space and colonized a large cluster of worlds. They had little to no communication with home and so separated into independent states. Over time some of the states began to grow and make colonies of their own which caused war and tension with their neighbors who sought after the same worlds. Because of this there was almost constant warfare between the dozen or so star nations.

In the late 2800s the star nation of Hydriad joined together with the nation of Venner and began to slowly wage a war against the other states, which came to be called the Unification War. By the turn of the century most of the worlds were under Hydriad’s control. In 2905 the last world to fall to this new star nation was the planet Dracon. With the fall of Dracon there became a power struggle between Hydriad and Venner which soon became a civil war. The war ended finally when the Vennerian fleet was destroyed at the 2nd battle of Dracon. With this the Empire was unified and Hydriad was declared the capitol. On March 4th, 2911 Emperor Taen Hydranus declared the new nation to be the Hydrian Imperial Realm.

The Empire has had previous encounters with other nations and have usually proved to be end negatively. Because of this the Empire now refrains from participating in neighboring conflicts and disputes and has kept to itself for a long time. The Empire and the Threshold are also locked in a state of cold war with their nearest borders being heavily militarized. Meanwhile in the early 3000s the Empire began a new colonization program and began colonizing worlds in the east. In the late 3100s a neighboring star nation known as the UCP attacked the empire which ended in a ceasefire, they then attacked them again in the mid 3200s which ended in the UCP being defeated and many worlds that could be terraformed were added to the Empire, they now have a heavily militarized border with the UCP. Because of the military tensions with its neighbors the Empire has recently declared itself a constitutional monarchy in the late 3300s so they can better improve their relations with the Alliance and thus gain a sizable military ally. The Empire today continues to colonize and terraform new worlds in hopes of expanding their power and to create more of a buffer zone between the Empire and other star nations.



There are currently 38 inhabited worlds in the Hydrian Empire with the most populous being the planet of Venner. Venner was terraformed and colonized back in the mid 2600s. It quickly grew in population due to birth programs that were created to increase the military strength of the planet. These programs have long since been deemed illegal and wrong but it did help bring their planet to power. Venner then united with a neighboring planet called Hydriad and they worked well together to conquer neighboring worlds. Soon after they finish taking over what is now the core of the Empire, Venner felt that it should be the sole ruler of this new nation instead of having to split power with the less populous Hydriad. This led to war which then saw Venner defeated by superior military forces. Venner is now a center of industry and technology and has been building starships for hundreds of years. Venner is a low gravity planet with 0.9 Gs, although it is larger than earth with a diameter of 17,200 km. The planet remains a strong member of the Empire but not as strong as it could have been if it wasn’t for the civil war. Nineteen billion currently live on Venner

Hydriad is the capitol world of the Hydrian Empire with its capitol city of Hydriad City having a population greater than fifty million inhabitants. The planet itself has a slightly higher gravity than earths at 1.1 Gs and a diameter of around 15,000 km. Hydriad was colonized back in the mid 2600s by English and German settlers who were led by a man named Victor F. Hydranus. It is he whom the current Emperor is descendent from. The Planet is a lush jungle like world that is renown for its resources and minerals that lie beneath its thick jungles. The planet became the center of attention in the region when it joined with the planet Venner and conquered all the surrounding worlds to create the Hydrian Imperial Realm. The people of Hydriad were quickly forgiving of the people of Venner and allowed them to rejoin society very quickly after the civil war the broke out between the two worlds. The 1st and 2nd Imperial Fleets currently are stationed around the planet to protect it constantly. The planet has a population of around seven billion. 

Hyperion is the military capitol of the Empire. After being colonized in the late 2800s by Hydriad settlers the planet quickly grew in population and in significance. By the time the Empire was officially created, Hyperion was already proving to be a weapon of war with its massive factories producing weapons and warships of all shapes and sizes. Hyperion is also an important world due to its strategic location in the center of the Empire. Today Hyperion is where most active military forces are centered and it continues to produce weapons for the Empire. The planet has a population of around five billion.


The planet New Eden is a major tourist world that was colonized in the mid 2800s by settlers from Dracon. The planet quickly became known for its beauty and luxurious cities began to grow up. When it was annex by the Hydriad/Venner forces in 2910 the people put up no fight at all. Because of this the planet was accepted with open arms into the new empire and was seen as a world of peace. Its popularity continued to rise as a tourist destination and soon the prices to live in this beautiful world increased and many people left due to the price of living being too high. The planet is a low gravity world 0.8 Gs with a diameter of around 14,000 km and a population of around three hundred million.

The Planet Dracon is a high gravity world with 1.3 Gs and a diameter of nearly 22,000 km. It has two inhabited moons and is known for being the last planet to be conquered by Hydriad/Venner before the creation of the Hydrian Empire. It is now known for its massive cities and its industrial output that rivals that of Venner. Dracon has a population of about twelve billion.

The planet Hurdon is actually a moon that orbits a large gas giant. It measures about 11,000 km in diameter and has a low gravity of 0.7 Gs, the moon has a high density core and is a economic goldmine with massive amounts of valuable ores covering the planets surface. This has brought great wealth to both the people of Hurdon and the Empire. It has a population of about eight hundred million.


The planet Novaya Molotov was colonized by a large amount of Russians back in the late 2600s. The planet fought the hardest against Hydriad/Venner during the unification war. Their world suffered massive orbital bombardment when their defense fleet was devastated in the battle of the Molotov Gardens which are a massive asteroid belt that orbits ten million miles closer to the star. Tens of millions of innocent civilians were killed until they finally surrendered with nearly twenty five percent of its population wiped out. It has greatly recovered today and now is the financial center of the Hydrian Imperial Realm with its rich asteroid belt and its banks that govern the economy of the Empire. 

New Londonium is the cultural heart of the empire. It was colonized after the unification of the Empire and was established to mix the cultures of the separate planets so they can all share each others cultures to hopefully solidify the union between the separate planets. It now is a world filled with architecture and art from multiple different cultures.

Imperica is the largest habitable planet in the Empire with a diameter of about 25,300 km and has a population of about eight billion. It is a high gravity world with 1.45 Gs. The planet was colonized by Spanish and English settlers in the mid 2600s. It was originally called Irid but once it was conquered was renamed Imperica in honor of the Empire that now dominates it.

Prisilica is a beautiful, pristine, and important world in the empire. It was colonized in the late 2900s by the Empire and quickly became a major shipping world. Prisilica produces the most star ships in the empire and also doubles as a tourist attraction with its beautiful seas and lush valleys. It has recently been undergoing racist tension as many Isharan immigrants travel over to this world from the Isharan Eisharat.


The Glendathu Colonies are the Colony Worlds that are governed by the Administrative World of Glendathu. There are 19 worlds under its administration.

Glendathu is a low gravity world with only .85 Gs and it is about 12,000 km in diameter. Glendathu was first colonized in 3009 AD by settlers from Hydriad and Venner. Here on this world the two people once again began competeing with one another just like their ancestors. After an incident involving the murder of a young Vennerian settler a conflict broke out that saw the death of dozens. The Hydrian Military was sent to take control of the situation, after doing so the world grew to become very peaceful and the two peoples joined together. The planet became an example to the rest of the Empire as people grew to accept eachother and work together more easily without feeling any contempt to their planetary neighbors. Today the planet has a population of 250 million and is the local termini world.

Mascran is the most successful colony of the Empire with a population of 900 million and a rapidly growing economy. The planet was terraformed and colonized in the 3050s. The Planet was colonized by Spanish and Irish settlers from Prisilica and Imperica. It was quickly found to be a rich world filled with valuable ores and minerals. Millions of more settlers began to immigrate in the 3100s which caused its population to swell so rapidly that they almost suffered from a famine for there wasnt enough food for all the people. The planets government began an emergency program to convert much of the industry to agriculture. The situation calmed down and the Industy restarted and the planet then began exporting not only ores and minerals but now foods.

Clentine is a large moon that orbits the hot gas giant of Minne. The moon has a gravity of .95 Gs and a diameter greater than that of earth. Clentine was discovered in the early 2900s and terraformation then began in the late 2900s. The moon was colonized in 3000 AD making it one of the first of the new colony worlds. Clentine has a small but growing population of 79 million and its main export is gases extracted from Minne.


The Basura Colonies are the colonies that are under the Administration of the planet Basura, there are 16 planets under Basura’s administration

The planet Basura was colonized in the 3150s by spanish immigrants from multiple different Hydrian Worlds. The planet has a population of about 200 million and it has a rapidly growing starship industry. They produce major starliners and warships for civilian and military purposes. The planet although is losing its administrated powers and it is believed that the planet Gan will replace it as the leader of the Basura colonies.

The Planet Gan was colonized in the late 3100s and has recently grown into a massive economic center in the colonies. With a diameter of 17,780 km and a population of 340 million the planet has a large presence in the Empire. The planet is famous for its medical technology which it exports throughout the Empire and for its thriving diamond and gold trade.

Alistair is a small world with a population of 20 million. The planet is habitable but it is a miserable world covered in dust and sand. There is very little water and most of it rests beneath the surface. The planets main export is petroleum and natural gases that are found throughout the planet. The planets population is known for being tough and rude. Crime is frequent and many times the Empire has had to step in to restore order. A peace education program has begun in the schools to teach children to be more kind and accepting of others although it has had limited success.

Janar is the holiday world for the colonies and it has a population of 90 million and a diameter of 10,750 km. It is known for its beautiful mountains and clear, cool mountain lakes, and . The planet was terraformed and colonized sometime in the early 3200s and has since then grown to be a wonderous world filled with attractions and rides. Other than tourism a major source of planetary income is sulfur and calcium mining.



The Hydrian Imperial Realm is a constitutional monarchy with the Emperor being the head of state. The Emperor has power to declare war and the power to deny the passing of a bill unless there is a 7/8 majority in the senate. The senate has two members for each inhabited planet in the Empire. One of the senators is voted by the populous of his world while the second senator is chosen by the Emperor. Many of the minor worlds that aren’t taken seriously due to their lack of really anything for the Empire has created Unions to act against the larger and more important worlds so they can have a say. The Emperor chooses seven of the seventeen Judges to serve in the Court of Proprietors. The other ten are elected by the people of the Empire as a whole. The senate has the power to pass laws and to collect taxes. The senate also has the power to deny war if the Emperor wants it as long has they say no with a 3/4 majority. The Court of Proprietors has the power to place restrictions on the Emperor if he is seen acting against the greater good of the people. They also have the power to declare laws unconstitutional and wrong. The most important job of the Court of Proprietors is to judge major issues and conflicts when it passes the jurisdiction of the lower courts.


The Hydrian Imperial Realm has three different military groups, these being the Hydrian Imperial Navy (HIN), the Hydrian Imperial Army (HIA), Hydrian Imperial Defense Force (HIDF). The HIA has an active force of a few billion  soldiers and the HIN has about 800 starships of various sizes with many thousands of star craft to support it. The HIDF is the smallest of the three and is to support the HIN and the HIA in times of war but at times of peace they are like the police force of the Empire and protect the spaceports from pirates and thieves. The Hydrian Military is currently undergoing a growth with the cold war that exists between the Empire and the Threshold. The Military has a large influence in the government and because of this they have been able to secure themselves the equipment they need for many years to come. The largest vessel in the HIN is several kilometers in length and can take on almost any vessel of similar build put up against it.


The Hydrian flag is based off of the Hydrian Royal Flag from before the unification wars. The red stands for the blood that was spilled in uniting the country. The gray represents the industry of the nation and the four blades represent the military and stand for Strength, Honor, Courage, and Justice. The gold shows the wealth and bright future of the Empire and the Black cross represents the christian faith of the nation and the peace they wish to maintain.


The people of the Empire have had hundreds of years to mingle and merge their cultures into one. The language, art, and food of the Empire is a mix of the four main base cultures that created the Empire with an English, German, Russian, and Spanish twist to it. The Central Provinces have a larger English and German influence while the Outer Provinces have a culture that mixes Spanish and Russian customs. The Middle Provinces are a mixture of all the peoples are home to usually the most accommodating members of the Hydrian Imperial Realm. Immigration has recently been on the rise and the immigrants are bringing with them completely different cultures, and although the people of the Empire relish in new and exciting things, they don’t want their culture to be replaced. This feeling can trace its roots back to the strong patriotism the Empire encourages. Because of this Patriotism the people of the Empire are uneasy with these foreign ideologies and cultures and many have grown to see them as a threat to the general society as a whole.


While the people of the Empire may struggle with these newcomers they do still try to welcome them the best they can, with lots of food. It is commonplace in Hydrian culture for the people to eat a substantial amount of food. They have breakfast, a late morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon tea, dinner, and evening refreshments. The meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner are usually served with hearty and warm foods that are quick to fill ones stomach. A popular dish is Volpirog which is a meat pie that usually is made from game birds. Potatoes and onions can be found at every meal in almost any shape from baked potato to onion rings, from tatter tots too onion soup. During the tea and snack times of the day, one can find coffee, tea, spirits, or caoac (which is a strong cocoa flavored hot beverage) to drink, with sandwiches, breads, soups, and cheeses to eat. A popular dessert in the Empire is Hold’s Pudding, which is a large doughnut like roll filled with pudding.


The Empire celebrates many holidays throughout the year, they follow the Gregorian calendar. These holidays include standard christian holidays like Christmas, and Easter. They also include Formation Day which celebrates the founding of the Empire on March 4th and they celebrate the ruling monarchs birthday. Other holidays and celebrations include the Eternal Peace Celebration, where families honor their dead. The New Year’s Celebration, and a Halloween like holiday known as Fright Night which takes place on November 3rd. Weddings are a big thing in the Empire and are usually a community activity where all can come to congratulate the bride and groom. Funerals usually follow with a party to celebrate the life that the deceased lived, this usually gets out of control as people drink away their sorrows. Many people celebrate a somewhat silly holiday called Sausage Day. During Sausage Day people will hang sausages and other meats over their doorways to welcome in hungry spirits. No one really knows why this tradition began but it is believed to bring good luck. 


Sports are a big part of Hydrian life. Football (also known as “Soccer”), Rugby, and an alternate version of baseball are widely played throughout the Empire. Every two years the planets and moons of the Empire come together to play in a host of games known as the Friendship Games. In the Friendship games people will participate in many different sports to win medals. The winner of each event shall win fifty thousand Hydrian Imperial Units and fame for years to come. Some odd games in the Friendship Games include: Jousting, Arm Wrestling, and rope coursing. Although the games are meant to bring the people of the Empire together they do create strong rivalries between some, for example the people of Venner and Dracon have been in a rivalry for many years as their competitors usually tie with each other.