The Migrant Fleets of Sharaad Pending Review

Authors: Alluvion
The Migrant Fleets of Sharaad
CapitalThe Great Ark of Sharaad
Other Notable Worlds
  • The Tanis
  • The Lahun
  • The Ahkanim
  • The Akorin
  • The Qedar
Government TypeAbsolute Monarchy
Government Composition

The Hall of the Rahaab

  • Rahaab
  • K'han


  • Assembly of the Tajiir K'han
  • Vashiid Council

Court of Bisharat Law

  • High Court of Sharaad
  • Fleet Councils
Head of GovernmentRahaab Adaan Ghanem-ka
  • Great Arks: 1
  • Arks: 7


Official Languages
  • Isharan-Sharadish
  • Isharan
  • Gaennaija
  • Multiple different galactic dialects
CurrencyTrade Goods

[This nation is under intense revision and there subject to change]

The Migrant Fleets of Sharaad, also known as the Glittering Fleets of Ashaan or the Rahaabate of Busaan, are a collection of unified family groups ruled over by an absolute monarchy. Sitting at the head of the Migrant Fleets is the Rahaabate, which has ruled from the Bronze Throne aboard the Great Ark for centuries. Below them are the Tajiir K’haniid, the lords of the wealthy and affluent families of the Sharaadi that head the different semi-autonomous migrant fleets and bellow them the Vashiid Councils. The fleets of the Sharaadi can be found throughout the known galaxy, bartering and trading for all sorts of goods.

The migrant fleets of the Sharaadi have a long and bloody history. According to legend the Sharaadi are the ancient descendants of the Baqqiri Exiles of Ishara and the fabled Ark of Sharad, lost on their long voyage across the void. The Migrant Fleets themselves have existed and operated throughout the known galaxy for over eight hundred years since their unification under the legendary Nu’Maan the Red, the first Rahaab. Since then their history has been pitted with numerous internal conflict, ideological feuds and political turmoil. Yet peace has reigned in the Rahaabate of the Sharaad since the end of the Nasrallah Uprising and the rise of Vash Ghanem. However old conflict still burn with a bright fury in the hearts of the Great Fleets, and the turbulent state of the galaxy threatens to destroy the hard fought peace Vash Ghanem has spent a century trying to achieve.


Main Article – Migrant Fleets of the Sharaadi

Enigmatic by nature, the Sharaadi hold no true territory for themselves, save for the sacred Crype of Busaan deep in the Glittering Highlands. The Sharaadi are scattered across the known galaxy in space bound flotillas ranging from hundreds of vessels of varying size, to a small cluster of freighters. They can be found in all corners of space both charted and uncharted, for the Sharaadi are masters of the void and under the guidance of their living navigational computers, the Olori, they have spread their influence across known space and beyond.

The Sharaadi hold seven fleets above all, the six great Migrant Fleets and the Glittering Fleet itself. The six fleets that make up the bulk of the Sharaadi’s enigmatic civilization are Migrant Fleet Tanis, Migrant Fleet Lahun, Migrant Fleet Ahkanim, Migrant Fleet Akorin and Migrant Fleet Qedar. Bound to Migration Zones, the six fleets travel across the void of space trading with a multitude of star nations and negating typical political borders. The Sharaadi are known to operate numerous freeports across known space, most notable along major routes of trade. The largest and oldest of these freeports if the Harbour of Garshad.

The Glittering Highlands

Main Article – Glittering Highlands

The Glittering Highlands is a vast expanse of space surrounding the Crypt of Busaan. The Glittering Highlands is made up of numerous expansive dust clouds and nebula that are said to glitter in the void of space. These lands are sacred to the Sharaadi, masking their homeworld from a ships sensors and making navigation through the region nearly impossible. The only way to reach the Crypt of Busaan without the knowledge of the Sharaadi, or a Sharaadi guide is by taking Nu’Man’s Path; a sacred and rarely used Termini Corridor linking the Crypt with Breath of Sedar.

Crypt of Busaan

Main Article – Busaan Star System

The Crypt of Busaan, also known as the Dancing Grounds, is a star system located deep in uncharted space to the far east. The Sharaadi hold this star system in high reverence, and it is here on the world of Ashaan that the Sharaadi Rahaabiid and Tajir K’haniid are buried in monumental tombs equated to their worldly worth. It is said in hushed whispers among the Sharaadi and others that there are ghosts that protect Busaan from intruders and aspiring grave robbers; aptly named the Gravekeepers of Busaan. 

Once a year, foreigners are permitted entry into Busaan during the Hisaad Festival, a time of merriment and celebration among the Sharaadi and their allies. It is also a time when the Tajir Khaniid gather before the Rahaab and discuss matters of state.


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The Wandering 

Main Article – The Wandering

The history of the Sharaadi is shrouded in myth and legend, making its authenticity questionable. Sharaadi oral tradition states that they were once part of the great Baqqiri Exodus, that sailed across the stars from the Isharan Eisharate looking for perch elsewhere. Whilst en-route, the Ark of Sharad was struck by a powerful magnetic shockwave whilst in FTL. The shockwave was enough to tear the Ark of Sharad back into real space so violently that the ship was near completely disabled. With little else but engine power and limited life support the crew of the Ark of Sharad managed to keep the Ark of Sharad afloat whilst also keeping order among the thousands of Baqqiri exiles aboard. 

For decades the Sharad wandered, through the great expanse of space. Fifty one years after the calamity the Baqqiri of the Sharad were beset upon by a mysterious ailment – an ailment of the mind. Baqqiri were being driven mad by some unknown force, drawn to ramble and lash out violently. A ship-wide quarantine was issued as a result, with part of the ship jettisoned into the void with the afflicted within in order to keep civil order aboard the Sharad.

By the hundred and sixth year after the calamity the Sharad found itself ensnared in Alakil Kabir, a powerful super-charged nebula. Trapped and with no way out, the Baqqiri of the Sharad were doomed, until a young scientist known to legend as Koaabiel came forth. With here were the Olori, the navigators; the first ten. With their combined strength they acted as a living navigational computer, the first the Baqqiri of the Sharad had possessed since the calamity. With their aid the Sharad was freed from the trappings of Alakil Kabir and continued on their long journey with increased vigour. 

Shortly after their jump from Alakil Kabir the Sharad came upon a strange vessel, left adrift in the void. Where this vessel came from or who it had belonged to was unknown to them, yet with a dwindling level of supplied and failing equipment they had no choice to board. Within they found “ancient starmaps”, these starmaps pointed to one system in particular, the last the wreck had visited before its demise; Busaan. Praying that they had found their way back onto the path and that they will soon reunite with their lost kindred the Baqqiri rejoiced and set a course for Busaan. Upon their arrival however, they were dismayed and disheartened. Busaan was dead, none of its worlds save one could support a modicum of life upon its surface.

The Long Vigil

Main Article – The Long Vigil

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Rise of  the Suulesh Rahaabate

Main Article – The Suulesh Rahaabate

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The Fracturing

Main Article – The Fracturing

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Reign of the Ahmadi Rahaabate

Main Article – The Ahmadi Rahaabate

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Reign of the Kamara Rahaabate

Main Article – The Kamara Rahaabate

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Reign of the Ghanem Rahaabate

Main Article – The Ghanem Rahaabate

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Main Article – Rahaabate of Sharaad

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Executive Branch

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Legislative Branch

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Judicial Branch

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Sharaadi Law and Order

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Vashiid of the Mowad

Main Article – Vashiid of the Mowad

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Dire Alrrahab

Main Article – Dire Alrrahab

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Interstellar Trade

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Fabrication and Manufacturing

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Arms Manufacturing and Shipbuilding

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Main Article – Hierarchy of the Sharaadi

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Rights and Ethics

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Main Article – Pasha Eidaba

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Coming of Age

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Notes on Customs

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