Veridian Stratocracy Canon

Authors: Flanker
CapitalVeridia, Veridia Prime, Phoenix - New Stockholm
Other Notable Worlds
  • Sammerkant
  • Fenrir
  • Log Nu
  • Kodami Prime
Government TypeTotalitarian democracy
Government CompositionExecutive Branch
  • President
  • Sector Governors
  • Military Advisory Board
Legislative Branch 1st Chamber 2nd Chamber Judicial Branch
  • High Justice Department
  • Sector Justice Courts
  • System Justice Courts
Head of Government
Official Languages
CurrencyFederal Credit

Veridia, (/’vɛərɪdiːɑː) or formally the Veridian Stratocracy, is a small but sturdy starnation located Galactic-South (distal) from the Intersystem Alliance, who is also their greatest ally, and west (clockwise) from the People’s Coalition, with whom they hold a tense peace. The Stratocracy is an efficiently governed nation which accepts little political nonsense, being about as blunt as anyone can be, and does not tiptoe on internal or external issues, and is often willing to go to great lengths to meet its goals.

Many, including some of it’s own people, view the leadership with disdain, not for what they do, but for what they hold the power to do; while leadership in the Stratocracy is elected through democracy, they wield great power; many fear that it would not take much for a benevolent Veridian leader to turn tyrant.

Veridians are quick to ignore the fact that the nation is descendant from the  Coalition of Independent Systems, the predecessor to the People’s Coalition and shares many cultural similarities with the nation. They staunchly affirm the fact that their traditions and customs are their own to the point that it is apparent that many such traditions were intentionally altered since the schism of the Coalition.