Ionian Navy

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Ionian Navy

LeaderGrand Admiral Melanthios
HQ locationIdithos, Foslara, Ionia Star System
Number of Members


The Ionian Navy is the Ionian League’s naval warfare force, responsible mostly for naval warfare and operations in space. The Ionian Navy is the largest branch of the Ionian Military, with over 47,500,000 active service personnel. 



When the Ionian League was founded in 3024, it was founded without a standing navy. It was not until 3151, when the Camelotian War against the United Commonwealth of New Camelot began, that a centralized navy was created with the passing of the Military Creation Act of 3151 forming a unified military for the Ionian League; the League’s member worlds had relied on their own militaries and were expected to contribute resources and troops to a centralized force if a threat presented itself. 

The first Ionian Navy was headquartered in the Arch of Aclides, adjacent to the White Tower of Idithos. It was a combination of numerous system defence fleets from across the Ionian League, forming the skeletal structure of the future Ionian naval forces. 

Ionian – Camelotian War

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Ionian – Uskidian War 

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Tensions in the Periphery

As of the 3400’s, tensions have begun to mount between the states of the Periphery of the Eastward Rim operating under the Peripherian League, and the ultra-zealous Empyrean See located to the leagues west. As a result of the political climate of the Eastward Rim, the Ionian League have begun to mobilize Navy battle-groups, deploying them to key systems within the Ionian Star Cluster at different Ordnance/Regional Depots. The Ionian Navy’s far flung outposts at the edge of the Ionian Star Cluster have seen a complete refit and restaff in recent years, as well as the deployment of multiple defense-stations in systems along the Star Cluster’s trade routes.


Operating Forces

Due to the size of the Ionian Navy, it’s operating forces tend to operate in battle-groups of four to five ships, generally frigate to corvette class vessels headed by a single destroyer or fleet destroyer. However, each battle-group is a member of the much larger Fleet. 

Shore Establishments

The Ionian Navy operate a number of planetary based establishments, from planetary defenses such as ground to space missiles, to orbital dry-docks and planetary defense stations. The Navy has its headquaters in Idithos, the planetary capital, adjacent to the Council Yard near the White Tower of Idithos. It is from here that the entirety of the Ionian Navy is controlled. The Navy also hold jurisdiction over the civilian stations operating within the Ionian Star System, such as the Orbital Tethers and Merchant Stations. They also operate a number of short-range Ordnance/Regional Depots and short-range listening posts throughout the Ionian Star Cluster in the case of possible invasion.

Special Operations Forces

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Ionian Marines

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The Ionian Marines are an specialized light infantry force of commandos, capable of deploying at short notice in support of the Ionian League’s military and diplomatic objectives. The Ionian Marines are organised into a highly mobile light infantry brigade and a number of separate units. The Corps operates in all environments and climates, though particular expertise and training is spent on naval warfare, expeditionary warfare and commitment to the Ionian League’s Rapid Reaction Force. 

Capital Ship Classes




  • Xiphos-class Destroyer


Corvettes and Cutters


  • Machaíri-class Interceptor