Ionian Security Force

Authors: Alluvion

Ionian Security Force

LeaderMarshal Alketas Vassos
HQ locationTrillia Tower, Foslara
  • Ionian League
    • Ionian Government
Number of Members


The Ionian Security Force is the Ionian League’s primary domestic peace keeping force, enforcing the laws set down by the government. The ISF is an over branching policing agency funded by the Ionian government and acts as the primary peace keeping force across League space. The ISF works closely with other planetary peace keeping forces of other member-states, ensuring that Ionian laws and edicts are followed through.


Duties and Overview


Organization and Units


Relationship with other Security Forces



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The Krypteia are a shadowy sect of the Ionian Security Force, and one of its smallest subsidiary branches. Made up of highly trained individuals – usually former Ionian military personnel, the Krypteia are the wardens of the Ionian League’s Android population, keeping them in line and if necessary “retiring” any machines that display oddities or openly rebel against the Ionian Government, considered as “going rogue” by the Krypteia and the Ionian Government.

Ionian Guard

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Ionian Rangers

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Established in 3086 by an individual called Strand Grus. The Ionian Ranger  were to act as an independent police force within the outer reaches of Ionian space, in an effort to maintain some semblance or order among what the “backwaters”. It was due to the actions of the Ionian Rangers that piracy has dropped. However, the Ionian Rangers are not perfect. There have been noted incidents in the organizations history where it’s own members have done some questionable acts.

Ionian Rangers are given complete independence, though often work in teams of 3-5. This independence has been exploited at points during the organizations history. They do not involve themselves with the politics of the Ionian League, keeping themselves independent from any sovereign government, this has led to a number of governments and organizations mistrusting the Ionian Rangers, branding them as vigilantes. It is known that there have been times where Ionian Ranger teams have used extortion and other methods to their own gains. However, as of 3413 the Ionian Rangers have been aiding the Ionian League in securing their own mining colonies within the Outer-Belt.



The Ionian Security Force was formed shortly after the signing of the Constitution of Ionia. With the unification of Foslara under one government, the Ionain League needed a single policing body in order to keep the peace among the different nation-states of Foslara. The ISF was created to fill that role, acting as the Ionian League’s voice and at times it’s fist. 

Rise of the Ionian League

As the Ionian League began to spread its influence across the Ionian Star Cluster, the role of the ISF was continually changing. Instead of managing the security of a single system, their jurisdiction began to rapidly expand with every new system that entered the League. Eventually, after the reforms of 3089 the ISF began to look more like a para-military rather than a peace keeping force. To police the wide expanse of space that was rapidly becoming the Ionian League the ISF was given access to variants of the Ionian Army and Naval equipment, better suited to maintaining order within Ionian Space. 

The ISF also took a large role in the peaceful transaction of worlds into the Ionian League, in the stead of the army. They were tasked with making sure Ionian law was kept on the member-worlds, and established headquarters on each world to ensure peace was maintained.

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