The Hydrian Imperial Military

Authors: Ronan

The Hydrian Imperial Military

LeaderEmperor Taen Hydranus and Lord General of the Armed Forces Moolon Rolak
HQ locationHyperion

Hydrian Imperial Navy

Hydrian Imperial Army

Hydrian Imperial Defense Force

Heads of Hydra

FoundedJuly 2nd, 2911
Number of Members

The Hydrian Military has around seventy-five million soldiers in its military to protect and defend the Empire. The most military recruits are volunteers but on Hyperion many are conscripted, this is due to the planets military background and the expectation of the people for their men to serve in the military forces. 

The Hydrian Military of officially organized on July 2nd, 2911 after the Unification Wars. Their first major action was the Hydrian Civil War against the Vennerians. They fought with great valor and the military became very popular to the people which caused many more to volunteer. The military reached its largest height during the Gaennan Civil war with around 100 million serving in the armed forces. They also were able to raise sizable forces to battle the United Corporatocracy of Plaedia. Today that number is about 75 million. There are also several more million reserve personnel and the people are expected to volunteer in times of war. There are about 300 starships of all sizes serving in the Navy. Many ships were designed off of Alliance starships but the larger vessels were designed by the Hydrian Institute of Military Technology. The military continues to serve the Empire with vigor and honor and is under the control and command of the Emperor and the Lord General of the Armed Forces, Moolon Rolak, who is the third cousin of the current emperor.  Although many may say that the Emperor has too much power in the military and that they ensure that no one can rise up against him the military remains very popular within the Empire and the soldiers are seen as celebrities to many.