Unified Ionian Military

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Unified Ionian Military

Unified Ionian Military
LeaderTurannos Rellas
HQ locationVelis Tower, Idithos, Foslara, Ionia Star System
Number of Members
  • 95,000,000 Administrative Personnel
  • 5,500,000,000 Active Personnel
  • 1,300,000,000 Reserves Personnel

The Unified Ionian Military, also known as the UIM, is the umbrella organization within which exists the Ionian Navy, the Ionian Army and both their subsequent branches. Administered by the Ministry of Defense, the Unified Ionian Military is one of the largest government organizations within the Ionian League.

Formally founded in 3346 in the aftermath of the Ionian War as part of the Maheras Reforms, the Unified Ionian Military was the Ionian League’s second and only successful attempt at a unified centralized military. As of 3400 the Unified Ionian Military takes up a quarter of the Ionian Leagues annual budget.



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The idea of a unified Ionian armed forces dates back centuries, all the way to the unified fleets of the Ionic Wars of the 27th century. Unified Ionian Military’s predecessor, the Ionian Military Coalition, existed in very much the same form as the UIM save for its more decentralized nature. Established by the early Ionian Government, the Ionian Military Coalition was to act as an emergency response to a unified threat against the Ionian League during its burgeoning years. The Ionian Military Coalition participated in very few campaigns, and for obvious reasons. Its decentralized nature lead to a consistent break down in communications between Ionian system navies, as well as countless logistical and tactical problems that followed. The IMC would remain for another three hundred years before being reorganized in 3346 as part of the greater Maheras Reforms. 

Ionian Wars and Modern Day

The Unified Ionian Military was officially declared on the 26th of June 3346 as part of the initial Maheras Reforms, however it had existed in a capacity since the start of the Military Creation Act of 3336. The creation of the Unified Ionian Military abolished the former Council of the Army and Council of the Navy and instead consolidated them into the single Defense Council. The Unified Ionian Military saw a swath of funding in its early years by the Ionian government as well as private backers in the Ionian arms and shipwright industries. This income of exes funding enabled the Unified Ionian Military to grow and consolidate itself freely, rearming both its Army and Navy branches with new equipment. However the Unified Ionian Military took a serious economical hit after the Ionia Disaster in the late 3370’s – with the loss of the Super Dreadnought, billions that had gone into the construction of it were also lost. The economic cut-back saw many major construction projects brought to a halt, including the initial design processes for both the Hyperion-class Battleship and Diokles-class Tactical Command Ship

The Unified Ionian Military saw its first official action during the Second Uskidian Civil War in the early 3380’s as separatist groups under General Adrastus Karahalios sought to remove his cousin from the throne and remove the Kingdom of Uskides from the Ionian League. The swift victory brought the Unified Ionian Military to the for front of Ionian media and once again began a slow climb to recovery. By 3395 the rising tensions among the larger Star Nations, most prominently the rumblings from within the Empyrean See concerning the Eastward Rim was enough for the Defense Council to began drawing up plans for the New Navy Modernization program, a program which would see the Ionian Navy completely refitted with new and updated vessels, removing the much older warships from service.


 Command Organization 

The titles of Commander-in-Cheif and the Head of the Armed Forces are held by the Chancellor of the Ionian League and the Minister of Defense respectively. The Chancellor however (acting with the support of the Cabinet) makes the key decisions on the use of the Unified Ionian Military. 

The Ministry of Defence is the Ionian Government department and highest level of military headquarters charged with formulating and executing defence policy for the United Ionian Military; it currently employs 95,000,000 civilian staff as of 11 July 3417. The department is controlled by the Minister of Defense. Responsibility for the management of the forces is delegated to a number of committees: the Defence Council, the Chiefs of Staff Committee, the Defence Management Board and two single-service boards. The Defence Council, composed of senior representatives of the services and the Ministry of Defence, provides the “formal legal basis for the conduct of defence”. The two constituent single-service committees (Ionian Naval Assembly and the Ionian Army Council) are chaired by the Minister of Defence.

The Unified Ionian Military is split into different groups based on their region of operation. The Unified Ionian Army is divided administratively into three tactical commands, each under the control of different Field Marshal. Likewise the Unified Ionian Navy operates three Commands, each Command is headed by a Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief with the rank of Fleet Admiral.

The Chief of the Defence Staff is the professional head of the armed forces and is an appointment that can be held by a Grand Admiral or a Grand Marshal. The Chief of the Defence Staff are the principal advisers to the departmental minister. The two services have their own respective professional chiefs: the Chief of the Naval Assembly and the Chief of the General Staff.


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Defense Expenditure 

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Extra-Solar Military Installations

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Expeditionary Forces

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Unified Ionian Navy

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The Unified Ionian Navy, also known as the Ionian Star Fleet, is the maritime branch of the Ionian Military. The Ionian Navy is the first line of defense against aggressors both foreign or domestic, operating under the jurisdiction of the Admiralty Department, and is maintained financially by the Annual Defense Budget. The Ionian Navy’s primary peacetime duties place it in a role to defend the Ionian citizenry and property against piracy, smuggling, and other activities of an illegal nature.

The modern Ionian Navy didn’t come to fruition until the Ionian War, before then the Ionian League relied upon the system fleets of its member states for defence and the idea of a unified navy was simply an idea held by apparent militarists in the Ionian Parliament. After the Rape of Milenion in 3336, the Ionian League was forced into conflict with the Dominion of Pagathar, and thus a unified navy and army was created following the Military Creation Act of 3336. The Unified Ionian Navy would go on to grow larger and more powerful under the guiding hand of Grand Admiral Diokles Maheras so that by the turn of the 34th century the Unified Ionian Navy was among the most powerful navies in the Eastward Rim.

Ionian Star Fighter Corps

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Ionian Naval Infantry Corps

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Unified Ionian Army

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The Unified Ionian Army is the terrestrial branch of the Ionian Military, and is the second line of defense against aggressors both domestic and foreign. The Unified Ionian Army is the second largest branch of the Unified Ionian Military. Though it may be small, the Ionian Army makes up for it in its professionalism and lock-step discipline. Since the National Service Act 3345 much of the Unified Ionian Army is made up of individuals between the  ages of 17 to 21, serving a mandatory three year period of service. The Unified Ionian Army operates under the jurisdiction of the Army Council. During peacetime, the Unified Ionian Army are responsible for operating and maintaining planet-based instillation, often working alongside local law enforcement to combat smuggling and piracy.

Ionian Armour Corps

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Ionian Special Forces

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Advance Tactical Commando’s

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Ionian Naval Pathfinders

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Ministry of Defense

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