• Synopsis: The Ionian League is flourishing in a new golden age following its victory over the Dominion of Pagathar nearly sixty years prior. Yet the seedy underbelly of the Eastward Rim is ever in a constant state of flux, and Tryphosa of Hallacus a renowned hunter for hire, will have to try her hardest not… [Read More]

    Hunter for Hire: Aegis Protocol

  • Synopsis: The Coalition seems to be flourishing, its people are happy and the Government stands on the cusp of ratifying into law the Rights of Artificial Sentients act. A law that would see AIs become official citizens of the Coalition. However not all is as it seems there are cracks in the facade the Government… [Read More]

    Rise of Crows

  • SYNOPSIS The death of Padikhan Sabol Barasan of the Golden Eye is a blow to the whole of the Empire of Gaennan, most of all his daughter Khatiija. His early passing has brought upon nothing but hardship for the newest padikhan: dark omens that spell doom for her reign, uncertainty from allies, and opportunity for those enemies in the… [Read More]

    House of Adders

  • Mars: A History

  • Synopsis: Christopher Kierson is a Dark Matter Reactor Operator onboard the TNV Dauntless, a carrier in the Threshold Navy, with hopes of leaving the military soon and settling down with his wife and letting her pursue her dreams. He’s torn from the love of his friends at his work and his disdain for the idiots… [Read More]

    Atom’s Cry (Unfinished)

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