Welcome to Chronicles of Man

Welcome to Chronicles of Man. This project has been a long time coming and we are excited to bring it to you today. While we are still very much in a growing stage and a lot of content will be added in the coming months, we wanted to open up our corner of the web and give our community a chance to share their ideas, follow the team as we develop new and exciting projects, and give everyone a chance to start contributing to this unique social experiment – an open source science fiction universe.

So what is an open source science fiction universe? In short, it is a science fiction universe created by the community. While we – the core team – have developed a lot of the ground work and do have a long term plan and goals in mind, we want the community to help us shape that future. That means you, as a community, get to decide what is canon and what isn’t. You get to vote on each other’s contributions. You get to determine the course of the verse and where we are headed. More so, you get to help shape something we hope will become bigger than a sum of its parts. A grass roots movement science fiction community. We are excited to share with you what we have in store. Until then, get started with a few important pages:

  • About Us – Who the people behind Chronicles of Man are and what the view for this universe is.
  • Help – A growing page to help you and newcomers learn about using the site.