Norcian women are not respected just for their beauty,but also of their intelligence.Their are a lot women which have left a significant mark in their fields, such as: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

You can also find a lot of women which serve in all branches of the United Norcian Armed Forces.

In the Norcian military, women serve alongside their male counterparts, and their contributions are equally valued. They are trained to be strong and capable soldiers and are held to the same high standards as men. This progressive attitude towards gender roles is reflective of Norcian society as a whole, where women are seen as equals in all areas of life

The Norcian culture is a blend of Italian and Romanian influences, and women play a significant role in preserving and promoting these values. Italian and Roman values, such as family, respect, loyalty, and honor, are deeply ingrained in Norcian society.

Family represents the foundation of Norcian culture and women play a vital role in nurturing and protecting their families.You will find very easy women with very strong values regarding family values,and the huge power that norcian women have inside them to protect their loved ones.

If you will walk on any street in the Norcian Republic, beauty and elegance will be found at every corner.Because of that a lot of norcian women are sought out as fashion models or as actress(like the famous Flavia Caletia ,or Carola Bertozzi).

Parents from early age are teaching their daughters on how to obtain self independence and all the tools to walk in life.They also help in the forming the confidence of their daughters.

Another core value which is being instilled in them in respect in others and to help when ever is possible someone in need.They are also explained the value of a good education and to maximize as much as possible their passions.

Domestic violence and abuse are not tolerated in Norcian society, and women who are victims of such crimes are supported and protected.Very harsh punishments will be applicated to those who are found guilty.

You will always see Norcian women dressed in Roman inspired dresses.There are fashion house with collections for every kind of budget.

Women are also encouraged to open their own business.You will see a lot of businesses which are catering to women needs.We start from massage parlour, beauty salloon to shops for organic products.