The Lateran Whale is a genetically modified breed of whale developed from Bryde's Whales and Minke Whales from Earth. Earlier subspecies of Lateran whales were bred purely to be able to survive on Laterus in the now-defunct Andras Dominion with subsequent subspecies bred for sustenance.

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The Lateran whale is named for the world it was developed and bred on, Laterus.

Evolution and Subspecies

Lateran Whale

The Lateran whale was artificially cross-bred and developed from both Bryde's whales and Minke whales imported from Earth. These original breeds were hunted to extinction for no other reason than being "inferior." Biologists theorized that this only expedited the inevitable, as the whale species did not acclimate well to the new planet well and bred infrequently.

Lateran whales are a common sight throughout Laterus. While they have spread throughout several nations, the Coalition now protects them as their own "intellectual property" and seeks compensation for their use. A primary opponent of this is the Threshold, whose many food companies raise large stocks of Lateran and Tyko's whales on Selene and several other habitable planets.


Crydram Whales

Crydram whales were bred from Lateran whales by Crydram Foods as a better and more sustainable replacement for Lateran whales. Seeking to prevent overhunting in the coming centuries, Crydram whales were bred to be meatier, faster breeding and growing, and larger. Behaviorally they also spend more time near the surface, making them easier to spot and hunt.

Tyko's Whale

Bred from the original Lateran whales, Tyko's whales were developed for whaleries on Selene in the Threshold, from whales purchased from the Andras Dominion. They are considered to be a foodstuff animal, but many roam wild in the oceans of Selene. Tyko's whales are often considered more luxurious with tender and well-marbled meat, similar to wagyu beef, but this often depends upon how the whales are raised. These whales are highly protected from exporting to other worlds, though their meat is prized throughout the galaxy. Trade deals to export a Tyko's whale from Threshold are very costly.

Physical Characteristics

To the untrained eye, Lateran whales are difficult to distinguish from whales that naturally evolved on Earth, though they are larger and wider, with broader fins and large tails meant to reduce strain on the muscles to maintain their meat tender.

Behavioral Characteristics


Like Earth-whales, Lateran whales are notable for their many different migration patterns, which differ from pod to pod.

Diet and Enemies

Lateran whales subsist on algae, plankton, krill, small fish or fishlike organisms, and small crustaceans. No natural predators exist on Laterus other than humans, but other planets may introduce natural predatory marine life.

Relationship with Humans

Lateran whales are extremely docile towards humans in the wild. For those bred in captivity, their conditions often determine their temperament. Those allowed to roam extremely large tanks, saltwater lakes, or regions may act as though wild, especially if they remain in pods. Those kept in small confines or isolation from other whales may grow erratic, with their exact temperament being different from whale to whale or age of the whale.