Free Hold is a relatively newer nation on the galactic playing field. While they have declared their independence from the Coalition, the Coalition has not officially granted their independence. This originally left the Free Men (what the population of Free Hold has called themselves) in an untenable and precarious situation. With no official independence, they had to leave the worlds they called home behind or face imprisonment with charges of domestic terrorism and civil unrest. They chose to leave and worked with a woman by the name of Logan Hale who helped orchestrate their travel out of Coalition space. Hale however would end up betraying the people who hired her as she was not just a smuggler, but a human trafficker who provided fresh crew and workers to the Wraith's Den, an ungoverned patch of planetary systems rife with piracy and lack of law and order.

For three years the original Free Men would lose many people to the harsh life in the Wraith's Den which would later be referred to as the Unforgotten Trials. However they endured and waited with patience. The people of Free Hold had spent those three years working their way up into places of trust. Gaining beneficial contacts, partners and access to equipment that would later spark the fire of change in the Wraith's Den. Among the most notable of those figures, Kravos Reeves who would later become the voted leader of Free Hold, had brokered many clans and crews to fight for the Free Men's movement.

Within the year following the Unforgotten Trials, Reeves would challenge the Wraith Den, backed by the ships and their crews that supported the Free Men's movement. The conflict ended on the 4th day after the remaining unaligned crews of the Wraith's Den swore allegiance with Kravos Reeves and by extension, Free Hold. News spread quickly about the taming of the den by Reeve's and the Free Men, much to their dismay as the People's Coalition would soon come knocking demanding they give up their false claim of independence.

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