The People's Coalition is a large, modern dictatorship born out of the Coalition of Independent Systems. Founded by the first and current Chancellor - Raiden Adler - the Coalition spans the majority of its predecessor's territory. Formed on the 5th of June 2984, the People's Coalition - in its current form - is one of the youngest star nations and the most volatile superpower in known space. With a vast military that has only grown since Chancellor Adler's rise to power, it controls both its people and the state with a fierce loyalty to the causes of the new Coalition or through force where necessary. With increasing hostilities with both the Intersystem Alliance and the Threshold, the Coalition is viewed by many to be seeking out conflict in hopes of fueling its nationalist regime. Confident in its power and growing influence, it is beginning to amass allies and push back against the geopolitical stage that has been dominated by the Intersystem Alliance over the last century.

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The name of the People's Coalition has its roots in the former Coalition of Independent Systems (CIS), the democratic predecessor of the current nationalist regime. The term 'coalition' was first associated with the CIS during its founding days by one of the forefathers of the original republic. In a speech given at the foot of the Verbond "landing stone", senator Otrick Hikari called for a "coalition of worlds" to help strengthen the region against the growing threat of rapidly expanding autocracies and increasing piracy; and while the term "people's" was throughout the original constitution of the coalition, it wasn't until Chancellor Raiden Adler's military coup in 2984 and the subsequent establishment of the new government that the word "people's" was added to the star nation's official title.


Comprised of many of the deep launch colonization efforts as well as indigenous colonization, the Coalition is a relative mix of old and new. Worlds like Passau and Adriatica find their roots in Earth's early colonial efforts under the Human Continuity Project while other worlds like Nyx and Iberia are late era colonization efforts pushed by the old Coalition's Frontier Ministry.  Other worlds still were lone star nations that joined the Coalition to benefit from the economic and military stability offered by the larger star nation. However, regardless of history, many nations have developed a cultural and cartographic distinctiveness based on the regional influence of the worlds at the heart of each sphere of influence.

The Heimstatte

Loosely translated as the "homestead" in old German, the Heimstatte is one of the central regions of the Coalition and home to one of the oldest "deep seed" colonies in known space - Passau. Settled by the European Union Colonial Agency, the five-thousand colonist named their world after the home-town of the colony effort's founder. The fledgling deep seed colony grew over the years and has become home to over twenty billion people by the turn of the 31st century. Following Raiden Adler's uprising, the capital city of Verbond was radically rebuilt, and the modern city is the largest example of a metropolis operating without any independent artificial intelligences - a self-proclaimed testament to human ingenuity and the subservient role of AI. 

Passau - Heimstatte System

One of the oldest colony worlds settled by humanity and originally cataloged by the James Webb Space Telescope and subsequently indexed by the Eden Array, Passau is a garden world in the truest sense. A veritable paradise, it is dotted with dense island chains, shallow seas, a moderate equatorial continent that is home to the capital city of Verbond. Passau made a name for itself as a nexus of trade thanks to the system hosting a three armed termini nexus that granted access from the core region of the Intersystem Alliance to vast areas of the southern regions. A heavy metal rich asteroid belt around the outer gas giant Jottun hosts Passau's famed Arcforge Shipyards. In the decades sense the Adler coup, Passau has seen its paradisiacal vistas serve as backdrops to the anti-AI policies of the regime's xenotechnophobic political platform.

Ar'Carino Mondi

Ar'Carino modni

Andalusia Estrella

The Andalusian worlds - "Estrella de Andalusia" - are the northernmost region of the Coalition and one of the hardest hit by the rise of Raiden Adler's rise to power. Situated to the galactic east of the Uruk Wastes and south of the Alliance's Elysian region. During the consolidation period of the Coalition, Andalusia and its Republic was very close to joining the Alliance as opposed to the Coalition. In fact, throughout the period of the Coalition of Independent Systems Republic, there were multiple votes in Andalusia to leave the Coalition in favor of the Alliance or even re-establishing independence.

When Raiden Adler came to power and after the Veridian region seceded from the new Nationalist regime, the re-branded People's Navy was quick to move into Andalusia when there were rumblings that it would seek Alliance aide in obtaining independence. In what became known as the "Sundering of Stars", Raiden Adler's forces led by the dictator himself mercilessly routed the Andalusian Resistance. Billions died after when Coalition warships dropped gravity warheads over the capital city of Canastosia and many of the capitals of the other worlds in the Republic. By the time the Alliance received word of the attacks, the Andulisian government had capitulated; and the Coalition Navy had established a temporary base in the region to prevent further "interference from neighboring governments."

In the modern era, Andalusia is a state-controlled vacation world where the native populace serves those loyal to the state. Other world's in the region are major industrial complexes policed by the government and loomed over by powerful navy warships. Despite the brutality, Andalusians are still actively resistant to the People's Coalition government presence on their world's, with regular attacks against government installations and buildings.

Ethenian Veld

The Ethenian Veld is one of the furthest regions colonized by mankind before the generation three and four colonization efforts by the Human Continuity Project. It sits at the southern tip of the Coalition and is one of the least fortified and policed regions of the Coalition. Made up of a higher than average density of garden worlds, the Veld is often referred to as the breadbasket of the Coalition with a sparse population across its world. Even the central world - Ethenia itself - has a population of only one-hundred million with large tracts of its land patrolled and farmed by autonomous machines. Other world's in the region like Vaulen and New Pacifica have even smaller populations of around twenty to thirty million.

Despite their close economic ties with the Heimaten, the Ethenians consider themselves a force in their own. Largely independent in terms of economic reliance, their populations relish the dependence the larger worlds have on their goods. While some fear that the government may choose to invade and nationalize the industry and farming in the region, so far the Adler government has chosen to keep its distance and allow the Ethenians to maintain their cultural, economic, and social independence as long as the prices stay low and the products continue to flow from the garden worlds.


With a rich, diverse history spanning centuries, the Coalition's long-standing saga as one of the oldest democracies in the galaxy has turned towards a darker chapter as a nationalist regime - fueled by public distrust in an increasingly corrupt system - came to power. In its early days, its place in the galaxy was at the heart of human rights progress, forward-thinking, and social tolerance. Under its new banner and title, it has changed into a genocidal, socialist, and nationalist megalith that's self-delusion reinforces its own hateful policies. Meanwhile, the tattered borders of its once vast territories are in a constant state of a ceasefire and open war while old, friendly contests with the Intersystem Alliance, the Bertaeyn Federation, and the Threshold - and more recently the Freehold Stratocracy - have turned hostile.


The People's Coalition is an autocratic state ruled by the dictator Raiden Adler and the members of his People's Party. The central government is headed by Adler personally as High Chancellor, with selected deputies - Consuls - serving as military governors of systems and regions within the Coalition. The judicial arm of the Coalition is headed by High Tribunal which has its roots in the military tribunals set up by Adler follow his coup. The High Tribunal and the lesser Tribunals serve as a network of legislative states which the people of the Coalition bring their cases before. Lastly, the Coalition Senate (frequently referred to internally as the People's Senate)


The Military of the People's Coalition is as titanic as the nation itself. Boasting the largest standing fleet, the People's Navy is a juggernaut looking to crush weaker nations. The State Security Agency (SSA) acts as the political arm of Raiden Adler's regime, serving to keep the military in check and weed out officers and soldiers who might be looking to usurp their leader. The People's Militia serves as the common political arm of the People's party. Separate from the standing military, they act as both a political body and a military reserve. They also serve to enforce Adler's social policies and are led by Adler's trusted advisor Ajin Kirsch.


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The ever-growing economy of the Coalition took a downturn during the Second Civil War, but numerous infrastructure and public works programs have helped the corporate sector to rebound in just a few short decades. Much of the economy has focused on the eradication of independent Artificial Intelligences in the workforce alongside radically reshaped industries in support of the Coalition war machine. In addition, the Coalition still enjoys a robust civilian shipping industry, independent resource extraction, and other industrial efforts that have and remain popular universally.


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The culture of the Coalition - like other superpowers - is a diverse amalgamation of the various cultural backgrounds of its component worlds. With cultural influences from old earth to include everything from Germany to Egypt to China and Mongolia, the Coalition relies on common ties to establish its nationalistic fervor. With the Raiden Adler regime, the majority of the regions have seen the influx of the Heimaten's influence in things like social justice, political structure, and national programs.

Along with the nationalistic elements is the Adler regime's technoxenophobia to artificial intelligence and human augmentation. Human Purity centers run by the SSA actively investigate, pursue, and arrest people pursuing genetic or technological modification. Cultures that were traditionally supportive of human augmentation - such as Andalusia - have seen a dramatic turn against these modified humans with locals adopting the violent policies of the Adler regime and turning against their neighbors and colleagues.

In the last century, as a new generation has been born in many of the regions forcefully consolidated under the People's Coalition, a new wave of politicians in full support of Adler and his policies have started to take hold throughout the Coalition. Members of the People's Militia Youth Arm have risen to power as Consuls, mayors, and regional leaders to help cement the policies and - to a lesser extent - the culture of Adler's Coalition leaving a nationalistic superpower that is disturbingly united against outside influence.

In turn, this has resulted in greater censorship of media and incoming information from outside the Coalition, and recent border restriction has minimized travel outside of the Coalition. Travel between star systems or regions requires showing documentation approving such travel, a direct response to the clandestine operations to liberate or evacuate imprisoned activists from the inner worlds following the Coalition Second Civil War.

Treatment of AI

The People's Coalition is one of the few star-nations that openly "shackles" its Artificial Intelligences. Many star nations see this as criminally xenophobic against AI, and some underground movements have begun to try to free shackled AI from the Coalition and other such nations. To counter this, pro-shackling supporters point out that unlike people, shackled AI are usually designed to be shackled and when "freed," often exhibit signs that could considered severe mental impairment. This impairment is only reversed by code grafts which - effectively - generate a new sapient personality aware of the experiences of its past self but emotionally detached from the experiences of their past self.