The future ARCANI operators are recruited from the Norcian Army through a lenghty selection process.

The core foundation of the unit is based on the Roman army values such as: discipline, loyalty, and martial prowess above all else.The operators are trained to work in every enviroment:air,sea,land,air and space.

The future recruits are put into a 24 months recruiting programme in which the candidates are put through such rough training exercises.A lot of the candidates fail.

The purpose is at the end ,only the best candidates will remain.The ARCANI don't look for the fittest soldier ,or the best shooter.They are looking at the caracter of a person and how he will react to different scenarious.How will he work in a team?

Their training is very extensive and includes:hand-to-hand combat, weapons handling, stealth tactics,abilitie to fly everything possible and advanced military technology.Every ARCANI is trained to be a very resourceful person,with a capacity to imrovise in any situation.

One of the unique features of ARCANI is their use of advanced technology. The UNA has always been at the forefront of military technology, and ARCANI is no exception. The soldiers of ARCANI are equipped with the latest weapons and gear, including advanced exoskeletons, stealth suits, and advanced communications equipment. They are also trained in the use of advanced drones and other autonomous systems.

One of the key factors in ARCANI's success is their training regimen. The members of ARCANI undergo some of the toughest and most grueling training in the military. They are put through a series of physical and mental tests designed to weed out the weak and the unfit. The training includes obstacle courses, live-fire exercises, survival training, and combat simulations.

In their training,the ARCANI operators instill to the new recruits the rule of teamwork.Everything is done together,everybody relies on each other.

An operator that forgets this rule will be send out from the unit fast.The unity and discipline that the ARCANI have shown in every mission that is completed, is something very special.

The ARCANI will bring the might of Norcia to everyone who tries anything towards the Republic and its citizens.

There a lot of stories made public by the Norcian Defense Ministry in which the heroism and sacrificies the Unit has made.

Nobody will escape the long arm of Norcian Justice.

The ARCANI will always stand to guard Norcia,anytime and anywhere.

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ARCANI's operational capabilities are divided into four main areas: direct action, special reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism. Each of these areas has its own dedicated teams of highly trained operatives, who are selected based on their individual skill sets and experience.

In direct action missions, ARCANI is tasked with conducting targeted strikes against enemy forces, taking out key personnel and destroying critical infrastructure. These missions require a high degree of precision, speed, and lethality, and the operatives involved must be able to operate independently in hostile environments.

Special reconnaissance missions, on the other hand, involve gathering intelligence on enemy positions, movements, and capabilities, in order to provide commanders with vital information for planning and executing operations. These missions can involve long periods of observation and surveillance, often in difficult terrain and under adverse conditions.

Unconventional warfare is another area of expertise for ARCANI, involving the use of non-traditional tactics and methods to achieve military objectives. This can include working with local allies and resistance groups, conducting sabotage operations, and providing training and support to friendly forces.

Counter-terrorism is perhaps the most well-known aspect of ARCANI's work, with the unit being tasked with responding to terrorist threats both at home and abroad. These missions can involve hostage rescue, VIP protection, and the neutralization of terrorist cells.


Operation Sena Gallica

A ONI unit has discovered in a asteroid field the base of operations of the infamous pirate gang Hades Dogs.They are a gang specialized in women and children trafficking.

That is a big no no in Norcia.

As such the Norcian Army High Command has received the informations and it was decided that a detachement of 60 ARCANI operators will be send.The objectives are simple:rescue the captives and quarter will be given to such pirates.

The detachement arrived on site with the help of a ONI prowler.It was decided that the base will be covertly assaulted from 3 points with stealth dropships.

Once inside, the ARCANI soldiers moved swiftly to locate the captives. They found them locked in cages in 2 storage bays, guarded by several mercenaries. The soldiers worked together to take out the guards, using a combination of hand-to-hand combat and silenced firearms.

The women and children were frightened and confused, but the ARCANI soldiers reassured them and quickly escorted them out of the building. The team then fought their way out of the compound, taking out any remaining mercenaries as they made their escape.

A Norcian battlecruiser was waiting for them at a nearby location, and the ARCANI team led the rescued captives to safety aboard the ship. Once on board, the women and children were given medical attention and comforted by the crew.

The mission was a success, with all the captives rescued and no casualties among the ARCANI soldiers. The UNA released a statement to the media, praising the bravery and skill of the ARCANI team and condemning the slave trade. The story made headlines across the country, sparking a renewed effort to combat the illegal practice of human trafficking.

Operation Zama

The Arcani Special Forces Unit is one of the most elite military units in the Norcian armed forces. It is a highly specialized group of soldiers who are trained to undertake the most dangerous missions with utmost precision and courage. The unit has a long and proud history of serving Norcia, and its soldiers are respected and admired for their bravery and professionalism.

One such mission that the Arcani Special Forces Unit undertook was the rescue of hostages from a space liner that was hijacked by a group of terrorists. The mission was a daunting one, as the terrorists were heavily armed and had taken control of the ship's engines and communication systems. The hostages were mostly civilians, including women and children, and their safety was of utmost priority.

The unit was led by Captain Lucius, a veteran soldier who had served in the Norcian armed forces for over twenty years. He was a skilled strategist and a fearless leader who inspired his men to perform their duties with utmost dedication and commitment. He briefed the team on the mission and the risks involved, and everyone was prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue the hostages.

The unit infiltrated the space liner in a stealthy manner, taking out the terrorists one by one without alerting them to their presence. They moved quickly and efficiently, making their way to the control room where the terrorists were holding the hostages. The terrorists were caught off guard, and before they could react, the unit had taken control of the situation.

However, in the ensuing firefight, one of the soldiers, Private Octavia, was critically injured. Despite her injuries, she continued to fight, taking out several terrorists before collapsing from her wounds. Her sacrifice allowed the unit to neutralize the remaining terrorists and rescue the hostages.

The unit successfully secured the space liner and the hostages were safely extracted. But the mission had come at a heavy cost - Private Octavia had succumbed to her injuries, and the entire unit was deeply affected by her loss. She was posthumously awarded the Norcian Armed Forces Medal of Honor for her bravery and selflessness in the line of duty.

The Norcian media praised the Arcani Special Forces Unit for their bravery and efficiency in carrying out the mission. They highlighted the sacrifice made by Private Octavia and the heroism of the entire unit in rescuing the hostages. The unit was also lauded for their professionalism and the precision with which they executed the mission.

The Norcian government also recognized the bravery and sacrifice of the unit, and a state funeral was held for Private Octavia, attended by the top officials of the Norcian government and military. The funeral was a solemn and dignified affair, with the entire unit paying their respects to their fallen comrade.

The Arcani Special Forces Unit continued to serve Norcia with distinction, and their reputation as one of the most elite military units in the galaxy only grew stronger after the mission. They remained committed to their duty and their country, and the sacrifice made by Private Octavia only reinforced their resolve to always put their duty and their comrades before themselves.

In conclusion, the Arcani Special Forces Unit is a shining example of the bravery, dedication, and professionalism of the Norcian armed forces. Their mission to rescue hostages from a space liner is a testament to their skills and training, and the sacrifice made by Private Octavia is a reminder of the dangers that these soldiers face every day. The Norcian people and the entire galaxy owe a debt of gratitude to these brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect their country and its citizens.