CoM Fireside Chat 19 – Communications and Conflict

Join us for the CoM’s 19th Fireside Chat- Saturday, January 27th! – 6:30PM EST/12:30PM London Time/GMTHosted on our Discord server, CoM Fireside chats are a way for you to explore the CoM universe. Part of a live discussion, you can talk directly to the creators of CoM! We’ll host everything from universe discussions to artwork discussions. Get more involved with the CoM community and join us on Discord and the forums today!

January 27th’s Topics:

  • Communication and Interactions – We’ll be spending time on one of the most important parts of building any modern science fiction universe – Communications and Interactions. We’ll be discussing a big list of topics, but they’ll include:
    • Ansibles – Though well known in science fiction, we’ll talk about how Ansibles work in CoM and where the tech is going in the universe. 
    • Gravity Relays – Though not as far-reaching, we’ll talk about Gravity Relays used in short-range communication within a star system.
    • The Courier Network – Ansibles are expensive and mostly used by governments and wealthy corporations, but for the rest of the galaxy, classic couriers carry information between star systems. Video messages, news, and mountains of other data runs on the back of manned and unmanned couriers.
    • Augmented and Virtual Reality – Beyond communicating across the stars, how your characters interact with the rest of the world is vital and Augmented and Virtual reality will play a part in your nation (assuming they don’t have religious or social reasons to avoid it)
    • Other – There are so many different ways communications can work in the ‘verse, and we’ll talk about all of them.
  • Starship Combat – We’ll go into some details on the new technology we’ll be introducing in the shipbuilder and across the website. 
    • Carriers – We’ll go into some detail about the introduction of carriers and the various fighter types you see in the shipbuilder. We’ll also talk about where carriers are useful and where they are weak.
    • Interdictors, MAG Scramblers, and Field Stabilizers – We’ll dive more into the cat and mouse game of starship combat, discussing how you can trap your enemy and how that enemy (or you) might escape.
    • Stealth Systems – We’ll talk about how stealth systems work, how much tonnage they will cost you, and who and how you can use stealth ships.
    • Starship Specialization  – We’ll talk about the specializations available to you, the strengths of those types of starships, and where they might be used on the field of battle. 
  • CoM Shipbuilder v0.95.2 – We’ll talk about the latest version of the shipbuilder as well, spending some time discussing how we are changing things up and adding some new content as well as updates to the shipbuilder as we move towards version 1.0 and the official release.

We will add topics if there is interest in discussing things beyond what is listed above. If you have ideas for topics, make sure to post them in the Fireside Chat forum!