Nanos-Bakiir Defense Solutions Community

Authors: Hydrofoil

Nanos-Bakiir Defense Solutions

LeaderIris Nanos and Hermes Bakiir
HQ locationOnessa, Arsebes System
  • Ionian League
    • Ionian Government
      • Ministry of Defense
  • Private Contractors

Nanos-Bakiir Defense Solutions are a major weapons, armour and vehicle manufacture based out of the city of Nirinus on the world of Onessa in the Ionian League. It supplies a significant portion of the weapons and matériel used by the Unified Ionian Military.

Established in 3376 by former Kakos Armoury employees Achelous Nanos and Bemus Bakiir, Nanos-Bakiir Defense Solutions started out as a locak arms manufacturer on the world of Onessa, arming the local security forces and private contractors. After securing a lucrative contract a security contractors operating in the Ionian League as well as with the Ionian League as well, NBDS rapidly grew into the extra-solar corporate entity it is today in a matter of decades. 

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  • Nanos-Bakiir 950mm Axial Mounted Quad-Mass Drive Turret
  • Nanos-Bakiir 150mm Axial Mounted Multiple Purpose Quad-Mass Driver Turret
  • Nanos-Bakiir Particle Beam Project CIWS
  • Nanos-Bakiir LIFP-34