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    Was recently watching season 2 on The Last Ship, and thought what is the feasibility of a Hospital Ship in COM. Would a Navy build and use a ship carrying large amounts of Medical expertise and equipment? And if they did what system would be in place for the protection of the Vessel in War footing. 

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    I think that a hospital ship is a very real possibility in CoM. Especially when dealing with any sustained ground invasion. However, I think that arming it runs the same risk as arming hospital ships in WWII and WWI – it removes their neutrality.  

    Now basic defensive armament like point defense and countermeasures – sort of the same stuff I expect civilian ships to have – as well as good shields and armor would likely be prudent and acceptable. Mostly I would imagine they would be focused on escape and evasion so speed would also be a focus. 

    What it boils down to is you won’t have “they are heading for the medical frigate!” In a CoM battle unless a fleet escorting a medical ship gets tackled. 

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    don`t forget that hospital ships can be very well be used during humanitarian disasters on planets and stations.


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