Battle 2


One of the first things most people will want to make is a military. It’s one of the prime ways to roleplay, interact with allies, explore, and expand. But just how do you make a military? How many ships should you have? What kinds of ships? Can you make your own ships? These questions all play into a 


1) Once you’ve joined and made your own profile, click “PROFILE” at the top of the page.

2) Click on the “My Organizations” icon.

3) Click on the green “SUBMIT NEW ORGANIZATION” text.

4) Fill out the applicable data. Feel free to add a flag or icon if you have one.

5) When you’re done, or done for the time being, just click “submit” at the very bottom. You can always edit the page later.



Is your nation an isolationist? If so, odds are you won’t have a large military and might have nothing more than a few patrol ships and a planetary-defense army. If your nation is militant, you might be able to try to stretch the boundaries of what is considered “reasonable” and go-for-broke with larger combatants and millions of Marines with which to invade or assault.

Most nations would be expected to be able to have some combatants and have small skirmishes, as piracy is quite likely a problem most nations would have, but pirates won’t be able to field many ships larger than the standard patrol vessels, and most will be little more than a cutter or a gunship.


A Navy is always going to be one of the most attractive things in the CoM-verse, especially with all the concept art we’ve developed and the up-and-coming Sovereign Wars game.  But what does every Navy need?



Patrol ships, between small-cutters with a few dozen crew at most to larger frigates, are going to be the bulk of your nation’s military. Cutters, corvettes and the smaller gunships can even be carried aboard large capital-ships for defense against enemy vessels. For a small star-nation with 20 planets or less, expect to have a few hundred of these. For reference, the Intersystem Alliance Navy has nearly 1,400 Rapiers to help defend their 286 habitable worlds, or roughly 5 per world. Keep in mind that the Alliance is also highly developed, but to bolster your forces your nations could be using older “hand-me-down” classes of ships.

Using the Alliance, a highly developed nation looking to project it’s power would have:

  • ~6-9 Corvettes / planet
  • ~5-7 Frigates / planet


Combatant ships are those that are typically too large to use on standard patrols, and are too easily seen from a distance and too slow to accelerate to be any good to chase down pirates, but are critical in assault or defense. These range from the frigate to the large cruiser. Most non-militant star-nations will have nothing larger than the Combatant-ships that fall under the Ships of the Lance.

Using the Threshold, a moderately large nation with a strong military and high level of development, as a reference:

  • 4-7 Destroyers / Planet
  • 3-6 Cruisers (Various) / Planet


Ships of the line are the largest ships that would be considered reasonable for a small star-nation to own. These include smaller fleet-carriers and battlecruisers to the much larger heavy battleship. These ships would be rare enough that most nations might only have a couple for every planet, at most, while a small 20-planet star-nation with battlecruisers might be expected to be able to name each such ship for a planet within the nation and still have planets to spare.


Fleet ships, including the dreadnought are massive ships that are generally only used for massive assaults. They are nearly fortresses within their own right, and stretch the limits of what logistics can do within a single unit. The shells fired by these ships are larger than some ships-of-the-lance, at least by weight if not by size. It is not practical for a small starter nation to build a Fleet Ship.


The most underwhelming and underestimate ships of any time in history, support ships are absolutely vital. Be they couriers, supply ships, or hospital ships, the support ship is the life-line of any navy, especially if they aim to stretch far beyond their home system. These will be fewer than most of any of your ships, apart from fleet-ships.


Homeland defense forces, also known as an Army, can be arranged in a variety of ways. You may wish to equip them with ships of their own, or leave them purely as a ground-and-air force. This should constitute no more than 1/300th of your population, at least in regards to Active-Duty.


Similar to the Homeland Defense Force, a Marine Corps will have a variety of equipment based on the needs of your nation, and should be similarly sized. Marines will deploy with your Navy, largely, and will be used as defensive and expeditionary forces.