Dáinsleif Squad Support System

Authors: Sam Warren
TypeMicro Missile Launcher
Place of OriginAstraus Imperium
Service History
In Service3325-Present
Used ByAstraus Imperial Wehrmacht
Production History
DesignerImperial Arms Design Council
ManufacturerImperial Arms
No. Built2.5 Million
Weight11 Kg
Length91.44 cm
MunitionsHEAB Micromissiles
ActionElectronic Initiation
Rate of FireSemi-Automatic
Muzzle Velocity40 m/s
Effective Firing Range1200 meters
Feed SystemRotating Cylinder


The Dáinsleif Squad Support System; more commonly called a Dáinsleif, is a micro missile weapon system designed by the Astraus Imperial Armament Corporation for the Astraus Wehrmacht. With a chamber to the front of the weapon, the Dáinsleif is able to fire a 6-round salvo in under a second, if the user is able. 

The Dáinsleif fires a 25mm guided missile, that can be guided by laser or a slaved targeting system. Along with a Smart-Link scope and HUD link system, the Dáinsleif is able to fire not only in straight lines but able to fire around corners and even though small holes. Without a Full-auto rate of fire, the system is able to be better utilized and able to provide beneficial squad support.