Forcible Neural Interface Dive Program Canon

Authors: Nolan


A Forcible Neural Interface Dive (FORDIVE) Program is an infiltration program, classified as an infiltrator, used by authorized high-state or federal law enforcement agencies, intelligence services, and military groups and is predesigned to breech a target’s personal firewall; forcible entry into a anyone’s Neural Interface (NI) by civilians is generally illegal throughout human space. FORDIVE Operators, known as “Divers,” have one goal: extracting data from a target’s on-suite wetware memory. FORDIVE infiltrators extract information either through indiscriminate data mining, or by targeting specific data packages through “Striking.” The process is often fatal for the target and if it is not, the user is left brain damaged. Because of its potential for massive data loss, a “Dive” is considered the absolute last resort in interrogations.

In operation, infiltrators use “fluid firewall exploitation payload” (FFEP) programs to bombard a target’s onboard wetware security to find and exploit flaws in the target’s firewall. If the hack is successful, there is normally enough time to initialize a data-trawler program to mine the information out of the person’s on-suite hard drive. This process overclocks the wetware trying to keep up with the extensive demands of the outside user, amplified by the method of data retrieval. Indiscriminate data mining places tremendous stress on the target’s Cranial Central Processing Unit (cCPU) and is used only as the last resort’s last resort because of its high mortality rate. While Striking places the least amount of strain on the target, it is still a potentially deadly procedure.

When the wetware’s temperature exceeds the cerebral tissue’s safety threshold, blood vessels burst in the brain and causes an sudden and violent aneurism. Once a seizure begins, the diver must disengage or risk losing all of the data that the trawler program collected. Unless there is a “anti-theft” virus attached to the withdrawn data package, the information should be uncorrupted.

Depending on the sophistication of the program, as well as the wetware, the Diver may have an opportunity to copy and export the entire victim’s hard drive memory. It is almost always advised that a data miner uses a hacking board utilizing a large hard drive starting with 500 terabytes as a minimum. Direct neural-to-neural interfacing is strictly ill-advised and will most likely overclock the diver’s NI resulting in permanent brain damage or death.


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