Krotos-class Fleet Destroyer

Authors: Josh
TypeFleet Destroyer
Operational Data
  • Unified Ionian Navy
  • Stellar Republic of Trafalgar
  • Republic of Yenea Kybris
  • Salkin Naval Service
  • 1,233,936 Tonnes
Length615 meters
Width95 meters
Height120 meters
Compliment280 (40 Officers, 150 Enlisted Crew, 90 Marines.)
Propulsion Train
  • x4 Hydar Fleet Systems DH-2500I Ion Drives
  • x4 Eresona Drive Yards AD-1200E Ion Drives
  • x1 Apeos Naval Manufacturing FH-4-MAG Jump Drive
  • x4 Eresona Drive Yards Fusion Reactors 
  • x2 Eresona Drive Yards Dark Mater Reactor 
FTL Cruise Speed: 2.5602 LY/Hr
FTL Max Speed: 5.202 LY/Hr
Boost Cruise Speed: 0.306 C
Boost Max Speed: 0.4896 C
Sublight Combat Speed: 427 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Speed: 1,684 KM/Hr
Sublight Max Acceleration: 4.88 G
Sensors and Processing Systems
  • Draaksem Computer Systems Jdms-23 “Kaalkan” Combat, Control, and Communications Suite
Electronics Warfare and Decoys
  • Apeos Naval Manufacturing "Specter" Destroyer-Signature Decoys
  • x3 Nanos-Bakiir 950mm Axial Mounted Quad-Mass Drive Turrets
  • x6 Nanos-Bakiir 150mm Axial Mounted Multiple Purpose Quad-Mass Driver Turrets
  • x3 Kakos Armoury HLM-T16 Missile Pods
  • x4 Kakos Armoury SML-T5 Missile Pods
  • Apeos Naval Manufacturing DD-270GW Shield Grid
  • 12x Nanos-Bakiir Particle Beam Project CIWS
  • 100x Apeos Naval Manufacturing Counter Missile Cells
  • 50x Kakos Armoury Active Laser Blinders
Support Craft
  • 2x Vassos Jump Works T-33 Light Shuttle
  • 2x Mavri Skia-class Dropship
  • 4x Aktis-T14 Strike Fighters
  • 300x Single Person Drop Pods


The Krotos-class Fleet Destroyer is the workhorse of the Ionian League‘s Unified Ionian Navy. Designed and constructed by Hydar Fleet Systems as part of the New Navy Modernization Program in the late 3300’s, the Krotos-class was designed to replace the aging Xiphos-class Destroyer, and signaled a shift for the UIN from a destroyer-section mentality to independently operating destroyers serving in a long-range, patrol focused role. 

The Krotos-class made a name for itself during the Pacification of Gozen IV, becoming a key component of the Gozen Expeditionary Force operating in the Gozen System from 3394 to 3402.

Development History

In the decade running up to the turn of the 35th century the Ionian New Navy Modernization Program was in full swing. The Krotos-class Fleet Destroyer is the the fourth starship in the new line of warships coming out of the New Navy program, following the Mikros-class Corvette and the Pilikari-class Heavy Frigate. Designed by Hydar Fleet Systems, the Krotos-class is intended to improve upon the already successful yet outdated systems of the Xiphos-class Destroyer as well as to improve the cost effectiveness of the UIN. 

Since the end of the Ionian Wars the Ionian League had relied upon sections of destroyers and frigates to patrol its borders. In the decades immediately following the conflicts that pitted the early years of the 34th century these large clusters of starships fulfilled their roll of re-establishing and maintaining order. However as the 35th century fast approached it became painfully evident that the Ionian League could no longer array large sections of warships simply to patrol shipping lanes and border posts. Thus the Krotos-class was developed to act completely independently of its assigned battle fleet.

Already contracted by the Ionian Government to produce naval hardware for the UIN, the Onessa based corporation of Hydar Fleet Systems was contracted further to develop and produce a new line of Destroyer class vessels with this sole purpose in mind. With the Mikros-class and Pallikari-class already under full production by Katena Heavy Industries, Hydar Fleet Systems built upon the previous classes of starships whilst taking over and improving upon the already existing and proven systems of the Krotos-class’ predecessor; the Xiphos-class.

Production of the Krotos-class began in the late 3380’s, shortly after the end of the Second Uskidian Civil War, and would roll off the line in 3393 with its first production ship, the ILS Krotos.


Designed to be the workhorse of the Unified Ionian Navy and able to operate independently of its largest Sector Fleet or Battle Fleet, the Krotos-class was designed with this purpose in mind. For this reason the Krotos-class shares many design similarities with larger Ionian warships despite a similar silhouette to the Pillikari-class. Furthermore, an emphasis on survivability is reflected in a dense – if staggered – armor structure that is paired with powerful shielded.

At the centre of the Krotos’ arsenal is its three Nanos-Bakiir 950mm Axial Mounted Quad-Mass Drive Turrets, these weapons were designed to punch through the densest of starship shielding. Capable of firing both a standard ceramic-cased tungsten round, the 950mm also features a burst pile for long range as well as small craft defense. This is paired with a powerful Kakos Armoury 150mm Axial Mounted Multiple Purpose Quad-Mass Driver Turrets that gives the ship an added punch to threaten larger ships.

Operational History

The first of the Krotos-class rolled off of the assembly line on June 14th 3393 and began initial testing three weeks later. By October 11th the Ionian Naval Assembly had given the vessel the green light, pleased with the three week show of its capabilities. The timing of the Krotos-class’ completion was impeccable; within the next five months the Ionian League would witness numerous raids and an attempted annexation of its territory by the Exarchate of Gozen. In response the Ionian League deployed the Gozen Expeditionary Force, in which the ILS Krotos took part. The Ionian Naval Assembly wished to see how the ship would preform in a true combat zone.

The ILS Krotos became a legend among the Gozen Expeditionary Force, and was crucial in winning a number of victories; one over the gas giant of Asamis and another above Gozen itself. The Krotos-class preformed beyond the Ionian Naval Assemblies best estimates, and by the height of the Ionian occupation of Gozen IV in 3400 nearly twenty five Krotos-class Fleet Destroyers were active across the Ionian League, three of which were attached to the Gozen occupation force, including the ILS Krotos itself.


  • FD-1 – ILS Krotos – 1st Production Ship, Ionia Sector Fleet, 2nd Ionian Battle Fleet