Mk3 Remora Canon

Authors: Pharthan
Length19 meters
Width12 meters
Height3 meters
Compliment1 Pilot, 12 Passengers


The Mk3 Remora Shuttle is a Single-Stage-To-Orbit capable spacecraft designed originally as a Conformal Shuttle to fit the Destiny-Class Cutter and later the Syzygy-class Corvette.  The shuttle intentionally resembles older models of shuttle for utilitarian purposes Рit requires less hardware and shields to make a safe reentry to an atmospheric body, able to utilize its own planforms and heatshields. These heatshields were initially intended to give the Remora durability required to be mounted on the outside of a ship instead of in the safety of a hangar.

Nonetheless, the Remora is a very capable utilitarian shuttle and found its usefulness long before the first Destiny was ever finished.  Following this success, the Remora has been incorporated in other designs, including the Lodestar, of which all models were modified to accept the Mk3 Remora.

Figure 1 – Standard Mk3 Remora – Full View