Ionian Military Modernization Programs

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 The New Military Modernization Programs was the umbrella term for a series of programs and reform schemes aimed at modernizing the Unified Ionian Military and bringing it into the 34th Century, making it much more cost and tactically effective in the 3400’s. Beginning in 3387, the New Military Modernization Programs were initiated in response to the Coalition Crisis and the rising aggression from the Empyrean See. 


In the wake of the formation of the People’s Coalition in the 3380’s, as well as the increase in political aggression from the Empyrean See, Defense Minister Acteon Levas initiated the New Military Modernization Programs.

The New Military Modernization Programs gained traction within the Ionian Parliament, and by 3391 the Programs and its sub-programs were well underway. Numerous defense contractors and arms manufacturers were contracted for this undertaking, such as Hydar Fleet Systems, Aepos Naval Technology, Eresona Drive Yards and Nanos-Bakir Defense Solutions. The New Military Modernization Program and its sub-programs were slated for completion by 3410.


New Navy Modernization Program

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The New Navy Modernization Program was one of two sub-programs under the umbrella New Military Modernization Program. The NNMP saw completely new lines of Ionian warships designed and constructed for use within the Unified Ionian Navy. These ships saw a complete overhaul and a radical update to the standard Ionian weapons systems, command and control systems, communications systems, life support and so on. The Krotos-class Fleet Destroyer, Hyperion-class Battleship and Diokles-class Command Ship were a few of the products of the New Navy Modernization Program.

Though the product of Defense Minister Levas, Grand Admiral Diokles Maheras was the architect. Many of the designs and implementations of the New Navy Modernization Program were left over products of Grand Admiral Maheras.

New Army Modernization Program

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