Management Shifting and Refocusing

Now that Josh has turned over with myself, Nolan, and Ryon and we’re holding the reigns, we felt it would be a good idea to let everyone know where our priorities lie.

Primarily, we’d like to have as little as possible change, but there will be changes of note:

  • Eirangard is no more. 
    • Replacing Eirangard, we aim to shift Ishara and the Empyrean See over; this will also lead to both of these superpowers being slightly larger.
  • In order to make our nations more influential, the Threshold and Empire of Gaennan are now going to be Superpower sized, though they will each be smaller than all other existing superpowers. Threshold will expand into a few Alliance spheres, while Gaennan will take some of the space from the Isharan/Empyrean location shift.
  • We will now be able to bring in members from other nations onboard as community leaders. If you would like to volunteer, contact myself or Nolan with roles you’d like to fill. Please, do not be disheartened if we do not feel that the role is relevant right now. Our goal is to continue expanding, we will remember all who volunteer.


  • The map. We aren’t as good with the shipbuilder as Josh was, so until something gets figured out with finishing that up, we are going to work on something that Nolan and I can bring you that many of you have asked for, and that’s a map. Understand that maps take time. A lot of it, and we’ve got a few dozen spheres to fill out.  Once we get a more stable current map, we will start putting it out.
  • Roleplays. We’d like to kickstart roleplays back up again. I’m currently working out how to get Beyond The Red Line going again minus Eirangard and with the new developments.
  • CoM|TalksLike the one presently available in the forum, we’d like to kickstart Worldbuilding discussions. This is by far one of the biggest responses we’ve recieved on the surveys thusfar, and we will have Flashpoint to start guiding them further in the future.  If there are other such discussion topics you’d like to see, either contact one of the core team or Flashpoint, or start the topic yourself in the General channel of the forum.



  • Shipbuilder: There isn’t a lot else to add to it, to be honest, but it does need work to get finished.
  • Tech Tree Tiers and the Point Reward System, to give you guys something back for all your hard work!
  • More artwork, as always.
  • Site rework: Forum and general site editing to spruce it up.


  • All canonized nations who have not already done so need to provide the appropriate list of star-systems (many of this will be planet-names, as most star-systems will have only one inhabited planet), megastations, star color if desired, and any specific design details for your spheres of influence. (I.e. this system must be close to this one, this one must be next to a nebula, etc.). 
    • You should be providing between 12-20 star system names per sphere, and 3-5 megastations (along with where they are located)
    • All canonized nations are granted at least two spheres total. If you do not wish to have two spheres and want to remain with just one, anotate as such, or your nation will not be included on the map until this is corrected.
  • Continue to create awesome content!
  • We are trying to shift more of our discussion to the forum when possible, for posterity. I understand that many discussions can take place rapidly on discord, but it would be great if a summary-post after-the-fact could be made in the forum for other users not online at the time to be able to pitch in on the discussion and continue it on. Many of the things we plan on having these talks about are meant to be interactive discussion. If you can’t think of anything you want to add, the aim is that the community can help you develop further and make your nation exciting and unique.