Stepping Down from CoM


After much consideration, I have decided to step down from Chronicles of Man. While the timing is a bit off, this is not an April fools joke. I need to turn my attention to some things in my personal life and my future. This departure will be extended and for the foreseeable future. I may come back someday, but I don’t know when that will be and in what capacity. 

Its been an absolute pleasure getting to know all of you and create this sci-fi universe. You all have taken my original idea and run with it, and I am sure CoM will continue to grow in my absence because you – the community – make it great.

With my departure, David will be taking over as the full-time head of Chronicles of Man. He has the full authority, accountability, and control over Chronicles of Man, its copyrights, and trademarks. David is now the man to answer questions, fill you in on content, etc. He will also be running the universe and the community. He now has full creative control over CoM, so you don’t have to worry about getting my agreement for things! 

David has my full confidence, and I fully believe he will take what I’ve done so far with CoM and make it great. He has been a voice of reason for me when it came to my crazier ideas and his contributions to the universe – both in the form of technomancy and the many other articles/nations he’s fleshed out – make him the perfect choice for this position.

I will no longer be available on Discord or other messaging services. I will also not be available via e-mail. I may still contribute ideas to David, but he will decide to employ those or not. As for the superpowers:

Alliance – David 

Coalition – David

Ishara – Nolan

Empyrean See – David

Eirangard – Eirangard will be coming with me. Mostly because you jerks can’t ever get the name right. However, I intend to use the name in a new IP and the lore in that same IP. David and Nolan have some plans to restructure the 3-kingdoms so keep an eye out for that!

While I appreciate everyone following my artwork over the years and all the great discussions, I feel a clean exit is best. Don’t think I made this choice lightly; but for CoM to be what it should be, I can’t be a part of it any longer. David will be a fantastic leader for you all, and he’s already proven to be more open to your ideas.  

I hope you all enjoy your time around the verse and best of luck with all of your creative endeavors!