Ambrosia by Pharthan

The Ambrosia bush is a fruit-berry indigenous plant on New Pavonis that produces berries that are edible for human consumption.

Direberry by Pharthan

The direberry is indigenous to the planet of Belvoir in the Threshold and is difficult to cultivate.

Fangback by Pharthan

The Fangback is one of the main apex predators on the dangerous planet of Petrichor, and is popular in Threshold culture.

Giant Platypus by NaThorek

A four-legged vertebrate from Dalarnas' End, famously known in the Star Trading Conglomerate for its versatile uses in the agricultural sector.

Lateran Whale by Pharthan

The Lateran Whale is a genetically modified breed of whale developed from Bryde's Whales and Minke Whales from Earth.

Mana by Pharthan

Mana is a robust and universally used rice-wheat hybrid grain genetically developed for early colonization efforts.

Maqfriit by RecolitusMorbus

The maqfriit is a vicious carnivore native to the Gaennid throneworld, Farahid. Described as a avioreptid, it is a relentless pack hunter whose physiology seems purposefully designed to be truculent.

Snightedil by Pharthan

Snightedil is a fragrant green herb native to Kingsway that resembles rosemary in appearance.

Timberfox by Cambrius

The timberfox is a quadripedal canine native to the wilderness and remote areas of Atramentar.

Torpedo tuna aka Torp tuna by Eugen06

This fish species is found on Norcia and Morisena.The species was discovered first on Norcia in the early years of establishing the fish industry to help feed the population. The meat of this fish will be greatly apreciated .