Bigga Burger by Flashpoint

One of the Premier Fast Food providers within the Valais Imperium, they constantly are working towards "A Bigga Burger".

Ilyrium Winerys Corp. by Eugen06

This wine company is one of the biggest producers of wine and wine based drinks.Considering the fact that 97% of norcian citizens loved wines and participated at any wine festival this shows the importance of wine in Norcian

Lidrus Defense Systems by Aluvion

Lidrus Defense Systems is one of Ionia’s top three arms manufacturer, with its headquarters in the city of Lidrus on the planet Onessa.

Møbius Donuts Corporation Portrait.

Møbius Donuts Corporation by NaThorek

Møbius Donuts is the biggest exporter of delicacies in the Star Trading Conglomerate. Their main product is the Møbius Donut, a baked pastry usually sold through a standardized vending machine and available in a wide variety

Mugen Ichibanya Curry House by Pharthan

Mugen Ichibanya Curry House is a multinational corporation that specializes in Japanese Curry, bread, and other Japanese cuisines and Japanizations of other local cuisines.

Nesterouka Corporation Portrait.

Nesterouka Corporation by NaThorek

A rather infamous export-oriented franchise, mostly selling pureed and liquified dishes as smoothies.

Persephone Industries Portrait.

Persephone Industries by Cambrius

Persephone Industries, commonly known as Persephone, is a monolithic corporate conglomerate of seemingly disparate enterprises that all share a singular purpose: the terraforming of planets.

Ryostø Industries Portrait.

Ryostø Industries by NaThorek

STC-based orbital mining enterprise with strong ties to the Trade Defense Force.

Terrae Invicta Corp. Portrait.

Terrae Invicta Corp. by Eugen06

Terrae Invicta is one of the biggest suppliers for the norcian goverment for prefab modular constructions for initial stages of a new colony.The company also produces large shipping containers,tents,containers for different

Tyr Universal, Inc. Portrait.

Tyr Universal, Inc. by Cambrius

Tyr Universal, Inc. is a Persican multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and interstellar marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.