Børneholm Portrait.

Børneholm by NaThorek

An oceanic world located in the Star Trading Conglomerate. It's one of the four core planets in the STC.

Dalarnas' End Portrait.

Dalarnas' End by NaThorek

A lush habitable moon around a bright yellow gas giant. It is located in the Star Trading Conglomerate.

Dustcrown Portrait.

Dustcrown by NaThorek

Dustcrown is the capital of the Star Trading Conglomerate, a tidally locked planet revolving around the two stars Baldr and Helios.

Kingsway by Pharthan

Kingsway is a planet in the Belvoir sphere of the Threshold.

Laterus by Pharthan

Laterus is a planet within the Laterus sphere of the Coalition.

Morisena by Eugen06

This planes was colonized during the third expansion from Norcia outwards in 3233 during the third wave of expansion.Morisena will receive the name as the ” Jewel of the East”

Persica Prime by Cambrius

Persica Prime (Persican: Persika Priima) is the capital world of the Star Kingdom of Persica (Persican: Vesta Reggnum vo Persika), and the throneworld of the Persican monarchy, which rules the Star Kingdom.

Petrichor by Pharthan

The planet of Petrichor is a notoriously dangerous place to live, wracked by storms with large, dangerous native creatures.

Siirandra Portrait.

Siirandra by NaThorek

A small rocky planet, inhospitable without extensive life support. It is located in the Star Trading Conglomerate and features a large recycling industry.

Talisinkin Portrait.

Talisinkin by NaThorek

A cold world, almost completely covered by glaciers and tundra. It is located in the Star Trading Conglomerate and is its only Termini world.