Arcani-Elite Special Forces by Eugen06

The ARCANI are the premiere elite unit of the Norcian Special Operations Command specialized in counter terrorism and also any enviroment possible. The name of the unit stands for Assault Reaction Counter Activities Norcian

Broken Company by Pharthan

The Broken Company is a tactical freelancer's guild based out of Jupiter Anchorage.

Department of Universal Chronology Portrait.

Department of Universal Chronology by NaThorek

Time keeping agency of the Star Trading Conglomerate. Tasked with the regulation and organization of a steady day and night rithm on Dustcrown, orbital habitats and other planetary colonies.

Frumentarii Agency by Eugen06

This civilian agency is the main source for gathering information and analize them and trasmitting them as fast as possible to the chain of command.The informations provided by this agency are responsable for many decisions

Human Continuity Project by Pharthan

The Human Continuity Project (HCP) is a private organization that seeks to ensure the longevity of the human species.

ICLES-INTERSEC by RecolitusMorbus

The Interstellar Commission for Law Enforcement and Security, commonly known as Intersec, is an international organization that facilitates international law and law enforcement cooperation. They work to ensure the safe

Imperial Ossyrian Navy Portrait.

Imperial Ossyrian Navy by Aluvion

Once one of the most powerful navies in all the Eastward Rim, the Imperial Ossyrian Navy was the extra-solar navy of the Ossyrian Empire.

Independent Cloud Corsairs Portrait.

Independent Cloud Corsairs by NaThorek

The biggest pirate group in and around Conglomerate space. Mainly operates in the nebula region around Hentorn and west of the Doradion Conclave.

Interplanetary Trading Ministry Portrait.

Interplanetary Trading Ministry by NaThorek

The most influential civil bureaucratic body in the nation with jurisdiction over most civilian space-faring activities, organizing trade outside the planets and structuring the supplies for the Trading Defense Force.

Ionian Parliament by Aluvion

The Ionian Parliament is the legislative body of the extra-solar union of the Ionian League, comprised of the elected representatives of the league's member states and headed by the Chancellor of the Ionian League.

Persican Government Portrait.

Persican Government by Cambrius

The Star Kingdom of Persica is a constitutional monarchy with a strong executive office and bicameral legislature.

The Second Dominion by Pharthan

The Second Dominion is a militant multi-nationalist extremist organization based in the regions of Onagawa and Himeji of the Threshold, and Destrie and Laterus in the People's Coalition.

Threshold Armed Forces by Pharthan

The Threshold Military consists of roughly 3.9 Billion Active Duty members and 9.6 Billion Reservists, as well as 200 Million Allied Mercenary forces. It is comprised of the independent Special Warfare Units as well as five

Trade Defense Force Portrait.

Trade Defense Force by NaThorek

Overseeing all official military patrol and protection operations in STC space, the Trade Defense Force is the logistical and commanding infrastructure of the Conglomerate's orbital navy.

Valtori Guild by Pharthan

Founded over 100 years after the rest of extreme human augmentation flourished, the Valtori Guild, located in the Threshold, was the first to experiment with the notion of nano-augments seriously.