Andras Dominion Portrait.

Andras Dominion by Pharthan

The Andras Dominion is a now defunct nation that once existed next to the Imperial Republic of Shin Kansai.

Doradion Conclave Portrait.

Doradion Conclave by NaThorek

The Doradion Conclave is a small nation that fills the overwise relatively thinly populated Mar de Castiros.

Intersystem Alliance Portrait.

Intersystem Alliance by Josheua

The Intersystem Alliance is one of the oldest interstellar superpowers. Comprised of humanity’s home and some of the earliest colonies in the galaxy, the Intersystem Alliance – colloquially the ‘Alliance’ – was born out of

Ionian League Portrait.

Ionian League by Aluvion

The Ionian League is a federal parliamentary republic supported by numerous states and organisations allied under the Ionian Parliament, one of several Ionian states within the greater Eastward Rim

Lián Huā ​Zhǔquán Portrait.

Lián Huā ​Zhǔquán by Flashpoint

The Lián Huā Zhǔquán or Lotus Sovereignty is a small nation that borders the Covenant of Edom and the Holy Dominion of the Empyrean Sea. Proud, Determined, and Fearful, they are considered a staunch ally and deadly foe.

Migrant Fleets of Sharaad Portrait.

Migrant Fleets of Sharaad by Aluvion

The Migrant Fleets of Sharaad is an absolute monarchy supported by several large vassal clan-states, allied under the banner of the Sharaadi Rahaabate, who have historically inhabited regions of the Eastward Rim. Sharaadi

People's Coalition by Josheua

The People’s Coalition is a large, modern dictatorship born out of the Coalition of Independent Systems. It has a vast empire connected by multiple termini networks.

Republic of the Threshold Portrait.

Republic of the Threshold by Pharthan

The Republic of the Threshold was the former iteration of the Threshold nation prior to the Threshold Civil War.

Shin-Kansai Portrait.

Shin-Kansai by Pharthan

The historic Imperial Republic of Shin-Kansai is made up of the present-day spheres of Himeji and Onagawa within the Meritocracy of the Threshold.

Star Kingdom of Persica Portrait.

Star Kingdom of Persica by Cambrius

Persica (/'pɜːrsɪkə), officially known as the Star Kingdom of Persica (Persican: Vesta Reggnum vo Persika), is a star nation comprising three sectors. The capital lies to the galactic southwest of Eirangard and west of the

Star Trading Conglomerate Portrait.

Star Trading Conglomerate by NaThorek

The Star Trading Conglomerate is a mercantile star nation in the western reaches of the galaxy. Their territory is located in a stellar nebula, making the space equally beautiful and dangerous to travel apart from the major

Threshold Portrait.

Threshold by Pharthan

The Meritocracy of the Threshold is a technocratic superpower home to diligent citizens. It is renowned for its Universities and trade-schools.

United Norcian Republic Portrait.

United Norcian Republic by Eugen06

The Norcian Systems has been colonized in 2562 by colonists from Romania and Italy from Earth .So to honor the historical relations between them ,it’s been decided that major projects will receive latin names.The colonists

United Star Commonwealth Portrait.

United Star Commonwealth by Arch

The United Star Commonwealth is a small (in comparison the Intersystem Alliance) but highly industrialized nation. Centred around a cluster of spheres around an Ammonia-Hydrogen Nebula known to those in the USC as Geridans

Ysthian Federation Portrait.

Ysthian Federation by Dornkirk

Ysthia, officially the Ysthian Federation is a authoritarian federal republic. Considered as a regional power. The Federation is considered one of the most powerful and developed industrialized nations on account of its