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Ionian League by Aluvion

The Ionian League is a federal parliamentary republic supported by numerous states and organisations allied under the Ionian Parliament, one of several Ionian states within the greater Eastward Rim

Migrant Fleets of Sharaad by Aluvion

The Migrant Fleets of Sharaad is an absolute monarchy supported by several large vassal clan-states, allied under the banner of the Sharaadi Rahaabate, who have historically inhabited regions of the Eastward Rim. Sharaadi


Lidrus Defense Systems by Aluvion

Lidrus Defense Systems is one of Ionia’s top three arms manufacturer, with its headquarters in the city of Lidrus on the planet Onessa.


Imperial Ossyrian Navy Portrait.

Imperial Ossyrian Navy by Aluvion

Once one of the most powerful navies in all the Eastward Rim, the Imperial Ossyrian Navy was the extra-solar navy of the Ossyrian Empire.

Ionian Parliament by Aluvion

The Ionian Parliament is the legislative body of the extra-solar union of the Ionian League, comprised of the elected representatives of the league's member states and headed by the Chancellor of the Ionian League.


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Ihalan Warplate Portrait.

Ihalan Warplate by Aluvion

A type of armour native to Ionia, that has become almost inseparable from Ionian culture. Dating back almost a thousand years, the Ihalan Warplate has weathered the test of time, birthed and rebirthed in a hundred different

Taifa of Jihet Portrait.

Taifa of Jihet by Aluvion

The Taifa of Jihet is a dark and violent sect of outcast Sharaadi cast to the edges of civilized space. With an unwavering faith in the tenants of their prophet Musaad, the Taifa of Jihet ply the jump lanes, performing the

Theoism Portrait.

Theoism by Aluvion

Theoism is polytheistic astrolatry religion rooted in Ionia, whose worship is dedicated to the stars. These stars, to the followers of Theoism, are seen as metaphysical gateways to the heavens, beyond which sit the of gods